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ZionEdit is Back!

After a few years of inactivity ZionEdit has been raised up from the ashes!
Actually it never did go completely inactive. I have been using it every day at work for 5 years and it has been a rock! It's one of a kind Live search and extensive Recent menu have made me super productive every day!

Some sweet new features have been added in like:
a BACK button (well, menu item) so you can go back to the position where you last worked. (Use CTRL + left or right arrow to navigate. This uses the AutoBookmarks feature)
Well refined and expanded block completion. New code blocks for Ruby, HTML and VBA. (Use ALT+Enter for block completions)
You can now SaveCopyAs to quickly save out a copy of what you are editing.
Edit windows are spawned with one less click.
* Quickly select via camel-cased phrases with Ctrl-Shift-Alt and left or right arrow

Posted by zionmaster 2013-05-16

ZionEdit 1.0 Released!

Yes folks, it's here. The official stable 1.0.2 release of ZionEdit is here. After a year and a half of heavy development, ZionEdit is now quite grown up and offers a very decent feature set. Many standard features are included, many, many, thanks to Neil Hodgson and the Scintilla Team for giving away the totally awesome Scintilla Edit Module. Also thanks to the entire WxWidgets team and Total Control Software for providing a world-class application development kit and the wxSTC interface, respectively.
ZionEdit is way, way more than just another editor -- It was designed by a radical who dares to think outside the box. If a feature is useful, I design it, period. See the homepage at zionedit.sourceforge.net for the pictures that are worth a thousand words.
There will be many more screenshots and maybe even a slideshow demonstrating some of the cool features of ZionEdit. In the meantime why not check it out yourself. Please take a glance through the help file (F1) first, then start playing ;-)

Posted by zionmaster 2007-02-22

ZionEdit Approaches 1.0

Zionedit has grown up much since its creation in October 2005. With full printing capabilities, elaborate file history mechanism, sweet Find and Replace capabilities and extensive graphical user configurability, it is now an editor to be reckoned with. No, it is not the ultimate editor -- yet, it's just one you can use to get your programming work done very, very nicely.

As, I am nearing a 1.0 release, what feature do you absolutely must have in your editor of choice?
Let me know by clicking Help | BugReports/Comments in the editor.

Posted by zionmaster 2006-12-05

ZionEdit now fully IPC capable

ZionEdit's design philosophy has been simplicity and minimal clutter. To that end it does not have a mammoth central window but allows the user the complete flexibility of multiple, light, independent windows that can be resized and repositioned as desired.

Some measure of communication was needed though so that for example, the same file couldn't be opened in multiple writeable windows. Also, color and font changes needed to coordinated so that changes in one window didn't nullify changes in another.... read more

Posted by zionmaster 2006-03-24

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