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ZCS 5.0.12 for OpenSolaris 2008.11

A binary installer for OpenSolaris 2008.11 is uploaded and available for use. Any problems could be reported to sivakumar AT sun DOT com

Posted by Sivakumar S 2009-02-18

ZCS 5.0.13 Mac OSX v10.5 build

Zimbra official release notes and documentation can be found at http://www.zimbra.com/community/documentation.html

Posted by Apple Peterson 2009-02-14

Mac 10.4 PPC 5.0.11 Build

Now posted!

Posted by arrow6 2008-11-26

Zimbra Desktop for Solaris

Find it on the download page!

Posted by arrow6 2008-11-26

Mac OS X PPC 5.0.6

5.0.6 ppc builds for Mac OSX have been posted.

Posted by Apple Peterson 2008-06-12

Ubuntu 8.04LTS Builds

32bit and 64bit binaries for ZCS 5.05 (Opensource edition) have been posted in the downloads area.

Posted by Dom Ijichi 2008-05-25

Mac PPC Build!

ZCS 5.0.5 FOSS Mac OS X v10.4 PPC Binary is now available in the downloads section!

Posted by arrow6 2008-04-27