Thomas Leonard - 2007-03-11

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It didn't create the debugging symbols file (using "objcopy --only-keep-debug"), and then failed when it tried to delete them. This shouldn't be a fatal error: I've fixed it now in svn:

--- build (revision 4986)
+++ build (revision 4987)
@@ -23,5 +23,5 @@
(cd "$SRCDIR/ROX-Filer" && cp -ru .DirIcon Help images Messages ROX AppInfo.xml AppRun Options.xml style.css subclasses "$DISTDIR/ROX-Filer") || exit 1
find "$DISTDIR" -name '.svn' -type d |xargs rm -rf

-# Remove debugging symbols
-rm "$DISTDIR/ROX-Filer/ROX-Filer.dbg"
+# Remove debugging symbols, if any
+rm -f "$DISTDIR/ROX-Filer/ROX-Filer.dbg"