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8ix Zenith at Software Freedom Day 2009 at Angeles, Pampanga

Team 8layer will introduce and present 8ix Zenith CE at the MakersMeet where every software developer will gather to show off or share what each one has managed to come up with the use of Open
Source and the limits of ones imagination.

Come and join the fun filled activity and sharing at SFD2009.

Together with Systems Plus College Foundation, IBM Phils, Intel Phils and PLDT Business Solution Group, we are happy to share the beauty and value of FOSS and the priceless benefits that will come to you! ... read more

Posted by Meric Mara 2009-08-20

Integrate 8ix Zenith with GXW410x IP Analog Gateway Series

Making 8ix Zenith CE interoperate with Grandstream GXW410x series can be done in quick easy steps.

8ix Zenith CE is one of the most innovative IP Telephony that has consolidated the advanced calling features available.

Here's a simple HowTo guide that will help you setup Grandstream FXO in your 8ix Zenith. You can visit the project's documentation page at http://www.8layertech.com/8ix/documentation.php or to directly download the PDF guide, simply http://www.8layertech.com/docs/gxw410x_interop_8ixZenith.pdf.... read more

Posted by genevieve del rosario 2009-08-07

Your Basic 8ix Zenith CE PBX Admin Guide Manual

8ix Zenith CE is happy (and well, ecstatic) to release this guide on Basic PBX Administration, a manual that discusses some of the basic
features and settings in 8ix Zenith (just those simple ones to make it
up and working in no time).

You can now downloaded it via this link: http://www.8layertech.com/docs/8ixZenith_adminmanual_defaultconfig_v1.pdf.

Because at 8ix Zenith, we keep communication lines open.

Posted by genevieve del rosario 2009-08-05

8ix Zenith and 8layer Payroll System Meet the Filipino Busin

Last July 30-31,2009 at the Hotel Sofitel in Pasay City held its annual Metro Manila Business Conference (MMBC), a project jointly sponsored by the Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry (PCCI) and the Metro Manila Chambers of Commerce and Industry (MMCCI).

Among the expected outputs of the conference are resolutions addressed to government covering a wide range of businessmen’s concerns, to be presented at the PCCI-organized Philippine Business Conference (PBC) sometime in October this year. ... read more

Posted by Meric Mara 2009-08-01

Get the easy-mode guide to installing 8ix Zenith CE!

The step-by-step guide to the easy-mode installation of 8ix Zenith CE, the IP Telephony that spells advanced calling features, is already available for download. It also includes screenshots for quick reference too.

This user manual can be downloaded from the 8ix Zenith CE Voip-info.org site (http://www.voip-info.org/wiki/view/8ix+Zenith+CE) or at http://www.voip-info.org/liberty/download/file/2868.... read more

Posted by genevieve del rosario 2009-07-16

Catch the 8ix Telephony Solution Suite at SMX CCAP Event

Catch the 8ix Telephony Solution Suite at SMX CCAP Event from July 15-16, 2009! http://www.ccap.ph/

At the PLDT booth where there are varied platforms and business solutions to fit and address your business requirements, 8layer also showcased 8ix Televantage and 8ix Zenith.

Also visit the PLDT Booth to take a look on the full managed service provided by PLDTSNAP (http://www.pldt.com/snap!)

Posted by Meric Mara 2009-07-15

Our 8ix Zenith CE Forum

To all 8ix Zenith CE Collaborators:

Here's just a simply cool great news!
Let us organize and send in our inputs, comments and ways to hasten and meaningfully accent our collaboration.


Let's make it happen,

Posted by Meric Mara 2009-07-09

A taste of 8ix Zenith CE has come!

8ix Zenith CE is Here!

Finally, you can download 8ix Zenith CE.So what are you waiting for? It's HOT. It's FREE!

The hottest brew that never scalds but cools you down... Pour it in, mix it with your own flavors, enjoy the sip and experience Communication Galore!

We also invite you to get to know even hotter people, so join the 8ix Zenith CE community. Of course, the tidbits and updates are brewing just the same.... read more

Posted by Meric Mara 2009-07-03

Collaborate with our new offering to Communicate

This invite goes to linux /asterisk afficionados who believes that life and living continuously evolve and improve with our dedication to innovation and values on collaboration.

The 8ix Zenith CE is one rare manifestation of a Filipino Collaboration and of our advocacy on the robust and prowess of the Open Source Technologies. Thus, our simple and sincere offering to all.

8ix Zenith CE spells a new drive of an asterisk-derived IP Telephony Solution. A Distro that is on an easy mode for those who are in need of a ready to deploy IP PBX Solution and the developers telephony platform for those who would want to challenge himself/ herself with more vibrant and exciting features that you can think of and integrate.... read more

Posted by Meric Mara 2009-07-02

Ya Betta Watch Out...

... and you don't have to pout, you need not cry just read on because we are tellin' you why...

8ix Zenith CE Telephony System is coming to your Town!

Yes, Team 8layer is not only sharing you a sip but a cup of your own coffee to experience our own brew of our Asterisk Derived Telephony Solution.

It's Hot!

Fresh from the brew, you can download our 8ix Zenith CE (Community Edition) Distro derived from Asterisk 1.6.2 this July 2009. No need to install a separate operating system and application.... read more

Posted by Meric Mara 2009-07-01