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Updates to 1.99A to Correct Issues for Linux and MacOSX

z88dk-src-1.99A has been updated to z88dk-src-1.99A-1
z88dk-osx-1.99A has been updated to z88dk-osx-1.99A-1

Issues Corrected:

grant execute permission

prevent new c lib build from stopping on error while making the float library "m"

fix filename case issue

added as counterpart of existing "Winmake.bat" for Windows

Posted by alvin 2015-12-30

z88dk 1.99A Released

v1.99A represents significant changes within z88dk. This version is a transition version and anticipates a v2.0 when the entire project will have completed the development roadmap.

Posted by alvin 2015-12-24

z88dk v1.99A Release Candidate

A release candidate for v1.99 is available for testing until Dec 23 at:

Details about the upcoming release here:

Posted by alvin 2015-12-17

z88dk v1.8 Released

Version 1.8 of z88dk has now been released, the main changes in this release are improved stability for platforms which reserve registers for either hardware or software purposes, high res graphics for the ZX81, ports of the SP1 sprite engine to the ZX81 and TS2068 and an Xlib emulation wrapper that should work on all targets with graphics capabilities.

Posted by Dominic Morris 2008-03-09

Windows installer updated (new version is 1.7.0a)

A bug was introduced during the windows version compilation.
The new windows installer is "z88dk-1.7.0a-setup.exe".
For a quick fix (without repeating the installation) you can update your binary files with the ones got from "z88dk.org": http://www.z88dk.org/forum/uploads.php?file=z88dk-win32-bin-20070721.zip

Posted by Stefano Bodrato 2007-09-14

Z88DK v1.7 - Windows Installer Released

The current package is now also available in "auto-installable" form to help the non-expert windows users in the setup process.

Posted by Stefano Bodrato 2007-08-16

z88dk v1.7 Released

The first in our regular cycles of z88dk has been released. This release contains changes that have been applied over the past two years, including a number of new platforms, changes to the core libraries to make compiled programs smaller and faster and a large number of other changes. For the rest of the details we can remember please see the changelog.

Posted by Dominic Morris 2007-07-15

Support for REL files added

It is now possible to link external CP/M's REL files !
The "rel2z80" tool (located in the "/support" folder) is able to extract object code modules from a REL library and write them in Z80ASM format.
This permits to make external libraries (or even entire programs) compatible with Z88DK and all its platforms.

Posted by Stefano Bodrato 2006-03-16

Z88DK 1.6 Released

After more than 2, here's a new release.
There are many small fixes and upgrades.. so many that we forgot half of them !
This time we provided a Windows installer for the lazy people of the windows world :-)

Posted by Stefano Bodrato 2005-05-14

z88dk v1.5 released

Version 1.5 of the multi-targetted Z80 C cross compiler has been released. This release supports over 20 Z80 based machines and is a significant improvement on previous releases.

Binary releases are available for Win32, Amiga and Solaris. A source code archive is available for all unix-alike platforms with GNU make and gcc.

Posted by Dominic Morris 2002-12-16

Feature tracker removed

Since it wasn't used and feature requests go into support requests in anycase.

Posted by Dominic Morris 2002-10-24

Status message

Work on z88dk is still ongoing. We're planning a new release soon which will support many more machines and have many new features compared to the last release over a year ago.

After this long pause we'll try to make slightly more frequent releases.

Posted by Dominic Morris 2002-10-24

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