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ygboX now has documentation!

At last, I have completed a Manual for ygboX! The manual currently covers ygboX Marquee and Marquee LE (not ygboX Live).

You should now find it a lot easier to set up the application and get it running.

The Manual is currently packaged with the new releases of ygboX Marquee 0.23 Beta and ygboX Marquee LE 2.0.3.

Posted by Stephen Buchanan 2009-01-23

ygboX goes live

If you've never heard of ygboX before, have a look at the articles on my blog at http://anselan.blogspot.com/search/label/ygboX

Even better, see ygboX in action in this video clip available on Vimeo: http://vimeo.com/1160074

This video clip has already generated a huge amount of interest from developers and media professionals all over the world. So I decided to release the software. Even better, I've decided to go completely Open Source, because I believe that ygboX will only get better if a community of developers is allowed to use it (in real-world applications) and improve it constantly.... read more

Posted by Stephen Buchanan 2008-09-05