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YAWW / News: Recent posts

New mailing list for developers

A development-dedicated mailing list has been created: It is mainly used to get commit infos and diffing.

Posted by syrion 2004-08-28

Yaww 1.0.3 (unstable) released

This release is mainly a bug-fix release. No new feature, except that I have begun the quest of standardization of the typographic rules for the forthcoming release candidates.
And as usual find the latest news on the dedicated homepage on

Posted by syrion 2004-05-30

Yaww 1.0.2 (unstable) released

In this new unstable release, find the latest improvements, such as upload page feature, attachment deletion from server, etc.
Find also the latest news on the dedicated homepage.

Posted by syrion 2004-05-29

Yaww future development list updated

The Yaww future development list has been updated. You can now go and discover the baseline of the developments I plan to do. This list will regularely be updated as action items are closed and as new ideas come out.

Posted by syrion 2004-05-09

Yaww 1.0.0 (unstable) released

Yet Another Wiki Wiki is a WikiWiki clone requiring only PHP. Written to be useable as library (easy to encapsulate), it has been inspired on PHPWiki and QwikiWiki. It is meant to build easily complex websites with minimum effort. Includes HTTP-based uploading system for images, password-based edition access.

Posted by syrion 2004-03-30