#3 yawebmail as a portlet

Ron Wheeler

yawebmail looks like a good candidate for a portlet that could run under a JSR-168 portal such as Jetspeed.
Could a sub-project be created to package yawebmail as a portlet?


  • Stephan Sann

    Stephan Sann - 2007-09-11

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    You don't really want to have yawebmail in a small portlet-area. I had
    to create 640x480 screenshots for SourceForge and this was already very

    However - it sounds like a challenging task - I'll think about it...


  • Stephan Sann

    Stephan Sann - 2007-09-11
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    • status: open --> pending
  • Ron Wheeler

    Ron Wheeler - 2007-09-11

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    A portlet can be as big as you want on the screen.

    It does define an environment where one logs in once to get into some sort of context shared between all other portlets so this might affect authentication and how parameters for POP and SMTP are found.

    I would seem to fit very well into the portlet philosophy as an independent chunk of functionality that completes an application.
    Calendars, forums, information pages, and other business applications could be part of the portal so that an organization would have 1 place to send their staff/members to do all of their primary business functions including e-mail. The person would have 1 primary browser window open and log on once to access everything rather than logging into each application.

    Have a look at Jetspeed and see what it would take to use the core of yawebmail in a portal environment.

    The question about whether the POP server is a personal setting or comes from the portal configuration will depend on the goal of the system(captive e-mail service with all users having "corporate e-mail boxes" or general e-mail access).
    The portal user profile would have to provide the account name and password for each logged in user and yawebmail would have to get that information from the portal's user profile.

  • Ron Wheeler

    Ron Wheeler - 2007-09-11
    • status: pending --> open

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