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It would be good to have plugin to one of the code metrics generation tool. So that we can also get total lines of code along with code analysis. Could someone guide me how I can integrate SLOCCount tool to Yasca.



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    The best way to integrate any tool into Yasca is to start with one of the existing plugins. PMD is a good one to use as a template ($YASCA_HOME/plugins/PMD.php). For tools that can operate on an entire directory, the Yasca plugin will simply execute the tool in a separate process and read back the results, parse them, and then create Result objects for each finding. As long as the tool can be called from the command line, it should be straightforward.

    Note that as of v2.0, Yasca has been separated into yasca-core and a set of plugins. This SLOCCount plugin would be another such plugin (probably called yasca-sloccount to keep things consistent). You'd provide the "glue" code as part of the Yasca distribution (if you want to include it), and separately provide the SLOCCount tool in a directory structure that neatly overlays the way that Yasca is organized. This keeps potential license conflicts down, and also means that if you don't care about Java, you don't need the 15 MB distribution of FindBugs and PMD, and if you don't care about SLOCCount, you don't need that distribution, etc.

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