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Created repository for manual

Now you can get documentation sources to build and read them offline.

Posted by Boris Morozov 2011-06-30

Wiki reloaded

Added base information to WIKI webapp.

Posted by Boris Morozov 2011-06-20

Documentation uploaded

Added documentation uploaded to files. Currently documentation is written on Russian language. On English and other languages documentation will be uploaded soon.

Posted by Boris Morozov 2011-03-07

Git Repository Initialized

Yaps Core repository initialized. Main goal of repository is to make able perform developing core and modules. End-user releases will be come soon.

Posted by Boris Morozov 2011-03-07

The Beginning

After the long days of programming i make decision to share my project. This project is the attempt to make open source kernel for diferrent IT-solutions.

This solutions is free and open, but some peoples can't start their projects because they not have time and skills. Web-developers can use this products to get charge for configuring and supporting.

YAPS is the most perspective project. It used on RAN Zabaikalye.Net Datacenter site (http://datacenter.zabaikalye.net). This solution will be integrated soon with other sites of this RAN.... read more

Posted by Boris Morozov 2008-06-02