#339 ComputerGeeks mangled email

POP3 (162)

Using Eudora on WinXP home with YahooPops 0.4.6

Every email from ComputerGeeks is screwed up, and I
only see the first line (or partial line) of each 2048
bytes of email body (configured as non-html).
I have not seen the problem with any other sender.
I do not see the problem on Win2K, Eudora, and
YahooPops 0.4.6


  • Anuj Seth

    Anuj Seth - 2003-08-23

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    Will it be possible for you to send me a snapshot of the email
    captured in an image? I'd like to see what it looks like.

    Also, can you save the mangled email in a file and upload that
    here as well.

    I do know that some of these problems are more to do with
    Yahoo Mail and not with YahooPOPs. I'd like to confirm on this.

    Do not email the files to me. Upload them as attachments to
    this problem report.


  • Mike Fitzgibbon

    Mike Fitzgibbon - 2003-08-25

    An example of a mangled email

  • Mike Fitzgibbon

    Mike Fitzgibbon - 2003-08-25

    The original/good email

  • Mike Fitzgibbon

    Mike Fitzgibbon - 2003-08-25

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    I have uploaded NotMangled.txt, an email received on Win2K,
    and Mangled.txt, the same email as received by WinXP (Home).

  • Matt Leffler

    Matt Leffler - 2003-10-03

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    I have also had problems similar in nature. I posted all the
    details in the YahooPOPs!/Windows forum under the topic
    Truncated text messages. I was wondering if you knew
    where the problem lies and if there is a fix. If there is
    anything I can do to help you in troubleshooting this problem
    let me know. Thank you for this product and your help.

  • Mike Fitzgibbon

    Mike Fitzgibbon - 2004-06-10

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    This appears to be a Eudora problem, specifically Eudora
    5.1.1 on WinXP. I installed Sockspy between Eudora and
    YahooPops and saw that the complete email was being
    transmitted. Also, Mozilla's Thunderbird does not have any

    My suggestion for anyone else with this problem is to try
    another email client.

  • Don Beusee

    Don Beusee - 2005-02-01

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