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Sourcefore emigration

It is really adviced you don't download from sourceforge.net. Xye is a very niche project so it is unlikely sourceforge installed their malware in our downloads, however, I still advice any potential user that might be about to download to instead wait and be safe. In the following week we are moving the project to another hosting service. This is a move to protect our few users. Given the circumstances, "don't download anything from sourceforge" is a good safety advice in general. To be honest, as developers we are not comfortable at all contributing to this platform either.... read more

Posted by SourceForge Robot 2015-06-08

Level - 4corners

Adrian Currier has kindly shared a new level with us: 4corners.

This level has 4 challenges (and a bonus star!). It is interesting in which you will face two bots and one of those "tiger" monsters that can be so nasty. All while solving the four puzzles in the correct order.

Xye level - 4corners.zip... read more

Posted by SourceForge Robot 2013-10-02

Level: Against the force

Another short level. It is completely based on a single trick that you need to pull in order to take that green arrow to the marked area. Hope you enjoy it.

Xye level - Against the force.zip... read more

Posted by SourceForge Robot 2013-09-16

Level: Stop that cab!

This week&aposs new level is a short one. It has 5 available different solutions, although 4 of them are quite quick to do and require coordination. The star challenge requires you to get creative and needs far more coordination though. I am trying to make new lower difficulty levels for the smaller level numbers.... read more

Posted by SourceForge Robot 2013-09-04

New level: Helping Hand

It is time for a new level.

I wanted to give the level a classic Kye vibe but still using the Xye objects. Getting 6 emeralds is actually going to be easy, but the other 2 emeralds will really change things. I couldn&apost manage to do my first objective: A level using only purple a green objects, but I got close.... read more

Posted by SourceForge Robot 2013-08-26

New level: The plan

Here is a new level, I just made it this morning and I liked it. There is a warm up puzzle at the beginning, but then it goes full on with the true objective of the level, you will need to plan ahead of time so that you don&apost get stuck.

Xye level - The plan.zip... read more

Posted by SourceForge Robot 2013-08-18

Xye 0.12.2

This update is a minor one. It is specific for non-windows installs. Makes the source able to compile in new compiler versions and includes a desktop file.

  • -Included desktop icon and launcher in the tarball.

  • -Fixed compilation issues in gcc 4.7+.

  • -Level update: "So close yet so far" no longer allows an excessively easy.

  • -Teleports in the editor will now show the "Active" sprite when lined up. ... read more

Posted by SourceForge Robot 2013-08-13

New level: Controller

Time for another level. This level is...unusual. It is one of those keyboard dexterity levels. The unusual part is that it has the player locked inside this control room where you can "press buttons". If the normal version of the level felt too slow, there are two star challenges, each needing far more speed than the other.... read more

Posted by SourceForge Robot 2013-06-03

Level: At Once

Here we go, a new level.

At once

I made this to showcase a couple of unusual combinations. For example, a door that you can only enter and exit once. It surprised me that the yellow magnet behaves different than red magnets with big blocks. I didn&apost know that. The puzzle itself may be short, but the solution is, in my opinion, interesting. Includes a small bonus arrow puzzle.

Xye level - At once.zip... read more

Posted by SourceForge Robot 2013-05-27

New level: Open ended

It is time for a new level.

Open ended

This level makes use of the new bombs. It reminds me of oldie Kye in which there are many puzzles, you have to decide the order in which you solve them and a couple of them are more interconnected that it seems.

Xye level - Open Ended.zip... read more

Posted by SourceForge Robot 2012-08-01

New level: Sorting

And here we go, another level.

Xye level - Sorting.zip

... read more

Posted by SourceForge Robot 2012-04-01

New level: The insider

Could it be right? Are we back on level season? Here is a new level that exploits a interesting idea. I hope is entertaining.

Download link - Xye level - The insider.zip ... read more

Posted by SourceForge Robot 2012-03-24

New level: The slow speed-run (For real) Also, disqus

I am deadly sorry about posting the wrong level file yesterday. It should be fixed now.

I'd also like to mention that I have implemented disqus to this web page. Among other new things, should allow you to discuss the individual pages like "levels", "what is xye?" and the one about Kye. But the normal blog posts should support more login options and have more features.

Old post:

It is time for a new level. This time I tried to find practical uses for the [+]/[-] or "toggle" blocks. They are quite an underused feature. [-] blocks are not pushable. And when you push a [+] block, all the [+] blocks of the same color become [-] blocks and viceversa.

This level pretends to be a race against the clock level, but you shall find that you will need more than just raw speed.

Download link: Xye level - The slow speedrun.zip... read more

Posted by SourceForge Robot 2012-03-24

Xye 0.12.1 released

It is basically a bug fix release. The most major feature is the ability to disable level-specified custom colors, so you can use a theme's color scheme in all levels. I guess that would be useful for those who really want to take advantage of the classic skin.

Besides of that, some bug fixes and levels that were already released in this site but is good to have in an official release.

Note that the XDG open directory specification change means that if you used Xye on Linux and had custom levels you will have to move them to the new location.

Changes in Version 0.12.1
- Added option to change white/colorless block color in a skin file.
- The default Xye color is closer to the pure green of old.
- The skin selector now allows you to disable the ability of levels to customize colors. You might like some skins better by keeping the same color scheme independently of the level data.
- The skin selector now shows the correct floor color if the skin modifies it.
- Fixed a crash that was related to microban.xsb in some systems.
- Fixed a bug related to magnets not behaving deterministically.
- Fixed the bug that caused the feature to remember the last played level not work in windows.
- In *nix, Xye will no longer use files at ~/.xye, but will instead use $XDG_CONFIG_HOME and $XDG_DATA_HOME to store configuration and custom levels/skins.
- Various text updates to messages in the official levels.
- 5 new levels have been added to the official levels file. However, these levels were already available in the web before.
- Including a new bonus level file.
- Some skin and interface visual tweaks.

So, do not forget to download it.... read more

Posted by SourceForge Robot 2012-03-11

Level Pack: SuperJustin

Justin de Lucia (Superjustinbros) has just shared 17 new levels in a single level pack.

The pack starts by making its intentions clear. PuruPuruParadise will remind you of the first level of Kye 2.0, but with a Xye touch. You may try to get the star for a challenge.

You may get that vibe from other levels. Like Raft, which is reminiscent of Kye's do not be greedy trope, but does not avoid to use some of the new objects in unusual ways.

The levels tend to range from easy to intermediate. There are some levels which actually appear to be tutorials but not without some interesting bits. Murple Purple will introduce to you all the new purple objects.

Of course, Xye wouldn't be Xye without intricate puzzles that require good reflexes on top of it. Plumance is looking to be my favorite of the pack, get ready to play some catch.

And other 13 levels. Here is a download link with attached instructions:
Xye levels - SuperJustin.zip... read more

Posted by SourceForge Robot 2011-12-11

Level: The disturbing case of the blended arrow puzzles

This time we have a level that mixes together some small ideas for levels I had recently. The right side may feel a little forced. But I think this level should provide some time of wandering around having no idea what to do or in what order.

Xye level - disturbingarrows.zip... read more

Posted by SourceForge Robot 2011-12-06

New level: Duels of fate

As the predicted hiatus is near its end, let me post a new level.

It is just a level in which you have to deal with monsters. However, there is the added twist of taking advantage of the new purple timers. The last battle requires some scheming and reflexes.

Xye level - Duels of fate.zip.... read more

Posted by SourceForge Robot 2011-11-28

Skins: Classic Kye and Xmas Kye appearance

These skins used to be included in the game's distribution but not anymore in an effort to keep the main package completely free. They are skins that make the game look more like the original Kye versions.

Classic skin

The classic skin imitates Kye 2.0 as much as it can. Of course, new sprites had to be added but I tried to keep the style.
Xye skin - classic Kye.zip

Xmas Kye and Xmas Kye Jr skins

These skins are mostly the work of Justin De Lucia getting the sprites from those games and adapting them to make a Xye skin that looks as close as possible. Of course, there have to be exceptions because although the Xye equivalent of Kye Jr.'s ice block are yellow objects, we couldn't just rename yellow into ice for gameplay reasons. (Or could we?). Anyway, here is :

How to install new skins.
You gotta find your personal res folder.
- In Windows, the res folder is just a subfolder of the one in which Xye.exe is.
- In Linux and similar, head to /home/yourusername/.xye/res

Extract the zips to the res folder. (The files themselves should be located in res, not in a subfolder of res.)

The future
Speaking of custom skins, take a look to this:
... read more

Posted by SourceForge Robot 2011-11-02

New level: Enough with the magnets!

It is time for a new level. I think. This level is about magnets, albeit mostly anti-magnets. Note however, that I think it is of the hard variety.

nuffmagnets.zip... read more

Posted by SourceForge Robot 2011-11-01

Xye 0.12.0

Yes, really. Head to the download area to get it.

Major gameplay changes:
- A new block has been added, purple.
- Purple arrows and dot blocks are as fast as red arrows.
- Purple pushers are twice as fast as yellow pushers and bounce differently.
- Purple timers are like a mix between the green and red ones, explode a time after Xye activates them.
- Purple surprise blocks teleport Xye to their location if pushed.
- Purple gems do not exist, instead purple gem blocks are activated once you get all the stars in the level.

Other features:
- The listbox control has been made closer to the familiar idea in usual GUI environments. For example, it supports the mouse wheel and can have a scroll bar if necessary.
- Xye's default color has been changed to a less saturated green tone.

Official levels:
- Added two new tutorials.
- Updated the order of some of the levels.
- New levels: Complexity, puzzle, Chekhov's brick, Robot bot trouble and Swing bridge.

Updates to other level files:
- Phipps.xye: Changed the color scheme for the levels from problem.kye.

New editor features:
- Slightly more compatibility with level features.

Bug fixes:
- Fixed the bug that made .Kye levels in the editor load with black walls, background and earth.
- Fixed bugs related to not being able to play the level's solution / a replay file in the first attempt when there is a saved game for that level.
- Other minor features and bug fixes.

The bad news are that I removed the classic and xmas skins as they were based on the skins from the non-open source games. They will both be uploaded soon to the website as a separate download.... read more

Posted by SourceForge Robot 2011-10-31

Featured levels: Action replay

It is time to start reuploading some levels that were initially in our (now gone) google page. Today we will talk about Eilang's ActionReplay level packs. We are talking about 24 levels in total distributed in 3 packages of 8 each.

Xye levels - ActionReplay.zip
If the name ActionReplay should is not a hint. Most of these levels include a solution movie, but knowing what to do is not going to be very useful as most of the levels are really about dexterity, like "Full Speed" pictured left which will make you really learn how to use the keyboard to gain full speed in an obstacle race.

That does not mean the level set is not without puzzles. Like the very original color puzzle we can see in Apostrophe (Pictured right).

It also contains more traditional (To the Kye 2.0 level of traditionalism) puzzles like "Stairs".

Finally, get ready to find some levels that are really about obscure aspects of Xye. Like Lucky, a level in which you will have to magically teleport 9 times. Do something wrong and you may even make the game crash. (Don't worry, I have already caught the crash bug and the next version a crash will no longer happen. You will lose the game though.)

... read more

Posted by SourceForge Robot 2011-10-16

New level: Pyramid treasure

Another level pack by Aoitenshi. This is the pyramid pack. It has a history and a txt file with some subtle hints about what to do in the levels. It includes 8 levels.

As with action replay, the levels tend to require quick reflexes. Get ready to avoid plenty of fire balls. But they also have some puzzles. Some levels are mazes that you have to finish under a time limit.

Xye levels - Pyramid treasure.zip... read more

Posted by SourceForge Robot 2011-10-16

New level: Avoid the fire and the flood

It is new level time. This time we have a more arcade level in which you have to battle against the elements (after solving a small puzzle). If you press a switch, you risk getting shot by fire. If you do not, you risk becoming the victim of a flood. You will have to alternate the moves.

afirflood.zip... read more

Posted by SourceForge Robot 2011-10-16

Xye 0.11.2 Released

Xye 0.11.2 has been released. Find it in the download area.

Updates to the official levels:
- Firestrikers: It is no longer impossible to get the gems after the star.
- Added new levels, for example: "Turn around", "Savage stuff", "So typical", "4x4-4" and more.
- Added a new tutorial.
- In total we now have 26 tutorials and 60 official levels.
- Removed kyeclone.xye. Instead Phipps.xye was added, which includes 44 many great Kye levels.

New editor features:
- Can place ground hints.
- Undo button is no longer disabled when recording a solution.
- It is now possible to change wall, earth and floor colors in a level.

Bug fixes:
- Fix compatibility with OS/X line breaks in xsb level files.
- Fix the bug that made the editor load teleporters as doors in .kye files.
- Fixed a bug that was causing random editor crashes.
- Fixed a bug that could make the game hang if a level was modified and saved data was incompatible.
- Fixed a crash that could happen when trying to respawn Xye in a full level. If that situation happens, you will lose the game, however.

There were tweaks and fixes to the skins. A 30x30 of the clean skin was also added.

The way the editor can customize the level's color theme is precarious right now, but still easier than editing the XML directly. You will be asked to enter the color number in the hexadecimal format that is used in many places like HTML. There are whole sites dedicated to hex color codes, like this one: http://www.color-hex.com/ . And many painting programs will show you the hex code of the color you are picking. The next versions will improve the interface.

Note that the next version is likely to come much later in the year, unlike these last three updates that were close together and I think it will focus on aspects related to the level browser and a better interface for saving games.... read more

Posted by SourceForge Robot 2011-10-12

New level: Escape from blob prison

Time for a new level. This time it is your typical "deal with beasts" level. Featuring the blobs. We never have enough blobs, those pesky things. Prepare to face a blob brain.

Xye level - Blob prison.zip... read more

Posted by SourceForge Robot 2011-10-11