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xVRML / News: Recent posts

Carina release 20060520

Release 20060520 of Carina is available. Significant changes are Mac universal binary support, a bookmark manager, and an XSLT manager. For the rest of the changes, check the changelog.

Posted by David Huffman 2006-05-20

xVRML Schema 032.08.06 beta released

A new version of the Schema and supporting documentation/code/etc has been released at SourceForge.

Posted by Jeff Sonstein 2005-06-05

Contest Deadline Extended

The deadline for submissions to the
"2005 Minimalist xVRML Props Contest"
has been extended to 15 June

Several students had requested the extention
to allow them to finish up their Spring terms
before submitting an entry


Posted by Jeff Sonstein 2005-05-11

new xVRML specs and Carina viewer releases posted

build beta of xVRML spec files released
build 2005-03-29 of Carina viewer app released

significant changes:

-[ Carina viewer app ]-

Carina now supports images as textures, greatly increasing the
possibilities for content creators. This includes texture transformations.
Exporting a displayed xwrl to local disk includes textures, with auto-renaming
as needed to deal with conflicts.

Carina now includes a basic debug-window with error messages pointing to
specific lines in specific files. ... read more

Posted by Jeff Sonstein 2005-03-31

new xVRML specs and Carina viewer releases both posted

new release of xVRML package at

* merged Texture and TextureTransform
* added World.ProtoList and World.ProtoList.ProtoDefinition
and childAndGroupingNode.ProtoInstance

this is our first try at supporting protos

a discussion of how this works can be found
on the xvrml-schema-dev list at

access the archives at: read more

Posted by Jeff Sonstein 2005-03-17

Carina screen snapshots and xVRML spec developments

1) screen snapshots

I have posted some new screen snapshots of xVRML
in action within the Carina viewer application
at the xVRML SourceForge site
[click on "screenshots" in the menu at the top]


please note that we are in the middle of arm-wrestling
over what the first version of PROTO
should look like within xVRML...
I will be releasing a draft version of the proposal
to the list within the next couple of days...
feedback will be very welcome... read more

Posted by Jeff Sonstein 2005-03-04

new Carina viewer drop posted

I am pleased to report the availability of a new drop
of the Carina viewer for xVRML

[see ]


1) Use node

thanks to some very useful input from the www-vrml list
the Use node is now functional
and you can load and save xwrl files
with the Use node in them
[with one "bug" left to be worked out...
geometry cannot yet be replaced with a Use]... read more

Posted by Jeff Sonstein 2005-02-16

build 0.32.07 beta released

this is a minor-twiddling release. the main change is that, after extensive discussions on the list, the Use element now just has a target attribute (see discussion in notes and src changelog)

Posted by Jeff Sonstein 2005-02-07

build 0.32.05 beta released

v0.32.05 beta 30 JAN 05 - jeffs
simplified definition of groupingAndChildrenNodes
removing one level of indirection from generated src
without having any impact on instance documents
added LightColor type with white and opaque as default
then changed DirectionalLight PointLight SpotLight Fog colors
to be of type LightColor instead of SFColor
(which defaults to black and opaque)
added required attribute "affirm" of type "xs:NCName"
to Use
so author must affirm what the type of the target
will be when it is resolved
("assert" is a more reasoanble attribute name here,
but is a reserved word)... read more

Posted by Jeff Sonstein 2005-01-30

xVRML Viewer Milestones: xVRML and VRML Files

I am very pleased to report that Dave Huffman's Carina
viewer project has hit two milestones: (basic) support for
IndexedFaceSet in xVRML, *and* support for parsing and
loading (most) VRML2 files.

IFS support for xVRML is pretty basic at this point. Carina
will read and use only the coordinates and coordinate indexes
supplied, but it is a very good start.

A VRML parser has also been added, so that old VRML 2.0
(aka VRML97) files can be loaded. Support is similar to that
of the xVRML parser, since they are being developed side
by side. Note that the VRML parser will crash if it doesn't
understand something, so don't be surprised if that happens.
This is a pre-alpha release of Carina.... read more

Posted by Jeff Sonstein 2005-01-06

VRML-to-xVRML conversions and the Carina viewer

Dave Huffman ( ) has dropped
a new pre-alpha release of his Carina xVRML viewer for download ( ). Besides "bug fixes," he has implemented a bunch of the primitives and supporting parts of the spec. I thought I'd try converting one of my oldest VRML files to xVRML "by hand," and it turned out to be easy.... read more

Posted by Jeff Sonstein 2005-01-02

build 0.31 beta released

The good part about implementing something for the first time is finding and fixing weirdnesses and artifacts of old versions.

The Avatar node has been greatly simplified (now just has mass, name, children, and cameraOffset [of current cam from center of Avatar]).

The Material node no longer has that confusing transparency attribute (it can contain nothing but various types of colors, and they each support an alpha value). ... read more

Posted by Jeff Sonstein 2004-12-15

[Announce] Carina xVRML viewer sneak-peek

I am pleased to report that
the xVRML Project [ ]
has passed a significant milestone...
thanks to Dave Huffman
we can now *see* an xVRML file
in a viewer application he is building
which he has named "Carina"

for more info visit:

select "Viewers" ~ "Carina Sneak Preview"
from the menubar at the top of the page


Posted by Jeff Sonstein 2004-12-01

build 0.21.01 beta released

this build adds an Avatar node and moves Viewpoints to within Avatars. Any Avatar node may contain from 1 to many Viewpoints, and may contain children (optionally empty).


Posted by Jeff Sonstein 2004-04-28

xVRML Project accepted by Java Games Community

I am pleased to report that the Java Games Community [ ] has accepted the xVRML Project for membership.

Posted by Jeff Sonstein 2004-04-16

v 0.20.02 beta released

This version focuses on simplifying while trying to
retain readability for content-creators. Schema now defines
a targetNamespace, makes attributeFormDefault unqualified
and elementFormDefault qualified. Many things which were
elements are now attributes, but content-creator readability

This Schema is a v1.0 release candidate. The classes
incorporate code to support java.beans.PropertyChangeEventListener registration
and java.beans.PropertyChangeEvent generation... read more

Posted by Jeff Sonstein 2004-04-02

version 0.20.01 beta released

This release is because I had forgotten to change the type of the name atributes back to xs:ID. I will hold Schema development at this point for a while, so folks can take a look at a reasonably stable version and so I can move on to begin work (with my grad student helper) on view code.

Comments and feedback and questions are most welcome, either through the SourceForge Forum mechanism [ ] or through the xVRML Project weblog [ ]. More information and online browsing of the materials is available via the xVRML Project site [ ].... read more

Posted by Jeff Sonstein 2004-03-28

v 0.20.00 beta released

I am going to freeze the Schema at this release for a bit. I want to refocus my efforts on getting myself and my grad student up to speed on JoGL so we can begin building a tech-demo standalone viewer application. I also want to give others who are considering supporting xVRML a chance to play with a stablized release.

Posted by Jeff Sonstein 2004-03-25

v 0.19.02 beta released

I've released what is probably pretty close to
the final beta of the schema for a while.
There are just a couple of nodes I think
need more fiddling
and I think that can wait a while
as I do some work on the view classes.

I hope that example xwrls people build will
look a bit more like what folks are used to seeing in VRML
and will seem a bit less verbose.


Posted by Jeff Sonstein 2004-03-21

xVRML v 0.19.01beta released

The latest version of the xVRML Project files (build 0.19.01 beta) is now available for download via SourceForge ( ). All materials can be also be accessed online via the xVRML home site ( ).

This release archive assumes that you have Ant, Castor, and the Apache XML jars pre-installed.


Posted by Jeff Sonstein 2004-03-20