Atsutane - 2010-01-30

This bug also affects other distributions that use a newer version of ffmpeg, but can be more severe than just the deprecated test, as the ffmpeg functions 'av_fifo_read' and 'av_fifo_write' got replaced by generic equivalents and the 'av_fifo_init' function got renamed.;a=commit;h=86e5d7ad2036d6e06ceec7ea41279669a16172db;a=commit;h=dbe69b900b8d9b3d057b2783d204451a6eaef6ae;a=commitdiff;h=9f8370a9dea5f778c14ba94ca154faf1cf7749e5

Using the shipped version of ffmpeg makes only single frame captures as xwd possible.

Probed with ArchLinux.