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Xuse Maven Plugin 1.0 RC2 Available

The maven plugin for Xuse is now available at: http://sourceforge.net/projects/xuse/files/maven-2-xuse-plugin/01.00.00-RC2/

The distribution now includes some scripts to aid installation of Xuse files in your local repository.

Posted by Mike 2010-05-21

Xuse 1.0 RC2 Available

The Xuse team are delighted to announce the second release candidate for version 1.0 of Xuse.

This release builds on the previous releases - in particular it provides:

1.] Updated documentation showing how to create and use the trace-report feature.
2.] Added new schema that describes the format of an external artefact trace report.
3.] Updated DTD for stock content that is included via XInclude.
4.] Added warning if the Graphviz version is not supported. Older versions of Graphviz may not produce the correct rendering for SVG images - currently need Graphviz version 2.22+ (relates to issue #3001693)
5.] Fixed PDF image rendering issue under Linux. Changed SVG incorporatio to be a instream object to solve path resolution issues (issue #3001697).
6.] Incorporated remaining Slovak phrases. Translations courtesy of Tomas Klacko.
7.] Fixed minor annoyance regarding the validation report (issue #3001577).
8.] Incorporated remaining German traslation. Courtesy of Florian Haag.... read more

Posted by Mike 2010-05-20

Xuse 1.0 RC1 Available

The Xuse team are delighted to announce the first release candidate for version 1.0 of Xuse.

Improvements include:

1.] Updated generic upgrade framework, and XSLTs for simple upgrade from version 0.3 to 1.0.
2.] Fixed activity diagram scaling issue in PDF version of use-cases.
3.] Fixed the issue where an orphaned actor was being displayed on use-case package diagram. Also slightly modified the layout routine.
4.] Fixed issue where the use-case navigation was not being correctly created in some circumstances.
5.] Fixed the schema validation routine to include all documents rather than just the vision document.
6.] Fix to prevent an existing project being overwritten by the "new-project" command.
7.] Fixed stack trace if Xuse is used in an incorrect location.
8.] Fixed it so that PDF links are created first time the "xuse" command is used.
9.] Fixed issue with broken links for deeply nested document sections (issue #2992096).
10.] Imported German translation and fixed some issues with the internationalisation framework - many thanks to Florian Haag for the German translation.
11.] Added theme creation and installation goals for ease of theme creation and installation.
12.] Finished fairly major overhaul of the xuse themes and improved ease of theme creation.
13.] Fixed maven defect (#2986549) raised by jesusoviedo.
14.] Fixed defect (#2984386) raised by jesusoviedo
15.] Updated the trace report import routine such that it is now working.
16.] Added Slovak translation to Xuse. Many thanks to Tomas Klacko for contributing the translation.... read more

Posted by Mike 2010-05-12

Another snapshot release...

The xuse team is pleased to annouce another snapshot release for the 00.03.00 version. This release includes many new goodies notably CSV export and automatic use-case package and use-case sequence diagrams.

Posted by Mike 2009-10-01

New Xuse 00.03 development snapshot release

Please see the downloads section for the latest Snapshot release (xuse-00.03.00-SNAPSHOT-2009-05-04.jar) of the upcoming 00.03.00 release. Many of the features expected in the final version are present but have not undergone full QA. New features include:

1.] Improved HTML view (100%)
2.] New themes (100%)
3.] PDF for use-cases (80%)
4.] CSV import (90%)
5.] Support for vision documents (70%)
6.] Support for SRS documents (70%)
7.] Improved validation and validation report (95%)
8.] Upgrade tool (0%)
9.] Updated Maven tooling (0%)... read more

Posted by Mike 2009-05-04

New user guide

A new user guide has been created. Work is still ongoing but it should (hopefully) be useful in its current form.

Posted by Mike 2009-03-29

Xuse 00.02.00 Released

Version 00.02.00 of Xuse is finally available. This release fixes a couple of defects that were found in 00.02.RC3.

Posted by Mike 2007-04-04

Xuse 00.02.RC3 available

Adds maven 2 support for Xuse.

Posted by Mike 2007-02-23

Xuse 00.02.RC2 available for download

New release candidate available that fixes a couple of defects and introduces HTML themes, xuse.properties and more.

Posted by Mike 2006-11-14

Xuse 00.02.RC1 Release Candidate Available

The first release candidate for the second milestone release of Xuse is now available for download: this release adds support for actors, stakeholders, project glossary and provides an integrated HTML model for ease of navigation.

Posted by Mike 2006-10-11

Candidate release coming soon

Xuse 00.02.RC1 should be available soon - I am just doing some testing to make sure it hangs together before making it available as a release candidate. Please check back soon for developments...

Posted by Mike 2006-08-07

Xuse 00.01.00 available for download

The first (minor) milestone release of Xuse is available for download. This version allows users to create a requirements model with use-cases and a requirements repository - the model can then be published in HTML format.

The release comes with support for direct running of Xuse as well as a Maven plugin. Both types of installation support an example project that should allow end users to get up and running quickly see the installation instructions for more details (http://xuse.sourceforge.net/install-guide.html).

Posted by Mike 2006-02-03

Xuse 00.01.RC1 Release Candidate Available

An early release of Xuse is now available for download. This version of the release is able to support the creation/addition of requirements and use-cases as well as an HTML published view of the information.

Within the (Maven plugin) build tool there is also the option to create a new project from a template to get you up and running quickly.

Posted by Mike 2006-01-21

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