#18 CSS for trigger


For example, we have a trigger
<xf:trigger id="testButton" class="qwerty">
<xf:action ev:event="DOMActivate">
<xf:load resource="javascript:temp()" />

which transforms using your XSLT to

<SPAN id=testButton
class="qwerty xforms-control xforms-trigger xforms-appearance-minimal xforms-focus"
<SPAN hasXFElement="false">
<SPAN hasXFElement="false">
<SPAN class=value hasXFElement="false">
<BUTTON hasXFElement="false">
<SPAN id=xf-label-3 class="xforms-label " hasXFElement="false">ToClipboard
<SPAN hasXFElement="false">
<SPAN class=xforms-required-icon hasXFElement="false">*</SPAN>
<SPAN class=xforms-alert hasXFElement="false">
<SPAN class=xforms-alert-icon hasXFElement="false"></SPAN>

I think that style "qwerty" should be applied to tag BUTTON, but it's applied to tag SPAN


  • Alain Couthures

    Alain Couthures - 2009-07-01

    This is a good question whether to assign the class attribute to the main level or to the lowest level such as BUTTON or INPUT. The main level is now prefered because characteristics such as width are better to be considered globally.

    Unfortunately, the XForms recommendation doesn't indicate what kind of CSS styling is allowed for each element. It would have been possible for XSLTForms to generate classes accordingly.

    As a workaround with XSLTForms, there is always the CSS possibility to explicitly reference the BUTTON element under the .qwerty class...

  • Alain Couthures

    Alain Couthures - 2009-07-01
    • assigned_to: nobody --> alain-couthures
    • status: open --> open-later

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