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XSLTdoc: Release 1.2.2

Thanks to the patch of Greg Beauchesne, XSLTdoc got some new features and bug fixes:

* Added xsl:transform as a valid document root (XSL templates can
have either xsl:stylesheet or xsl:transform as their root
* Added support for documenting match template modes
(use <xd:doc mode="modename">)
* If a template parameter is documented in a mode but not in a
template, the documentation is copied from the mode documentation
* The templates using a particular mode are organized into a list
for easy access
* Added xd:return (Returns) for a "Returns" section. Like xd:param,
this will also copy documentation from a template mode if applicable.
* Added support for the xd:access attribute to all template elements.
By adding the attribute xd:access="private", it is possible to hide
definitions from view. To display these, one can either add
"<Access>private</Access>" to the XSLTdocConfig file, or pass
in a template parameter of "access" and set it to "private".
* Added support for xsl:param/@required and xsl:param/@tunnel
* Added support for xsl:function/@override
* Added support for @version and @xsl:version (XSLT version) on
all elements
* Added support for xsl:template/@priority
* Added support for documenting xsl:output, xsl:character-map,
xsl:decimal-format, xsl:namespace-alias, xsl:preserve-space, and
* In xd:link:
* Modified to avoid the use of the "disable-output-escaping"
* Added support for xsl:key, xsl:attribute-set, and xsl:output,
xsl:character-map, xsl:decimal-format, xsl:preserve-space, and
* Added support for xsl:namespace-alias (use @stylesheet-prefix and
@result-prefix to make the link)
* Added @name to allow linking to documentation without also
requiring the object name be the title of the link
* Added automatic link title generation if the xd:link element has
no content.
* Added xsl:import-schema to the stylesheet details
* Fixed the display of element declaration properties (param, mode,
etc.) so that there is at least a comma between them
* Added @xpath-default-namespace as a declaration property and
stylesheet property
* Namespace redefinitions are indicated in the detailed description for
each element
* Added linking for xsl:attribute-set/@use-attribute-sets
* Added a number of additional documentation properties as
counterparts to Doxygen tags:
* xd:version (Version, as opposed to XSLT Version)
* xd:see or xd:sa (See Also; best used with xd:link)
* xd:since (Since)
* xd:deprecated (Deprecated)
* xd:remarks (Remarks)
* xd:note (Notes)

Posted by Iwan Birrer 2009-11-07

XSLTdoc: Bugfix Release 1.2.1

XSLTdoc is a Javadoc-like tool for XSLT 2.0.

Details at

Posted by Iwan Birrer 2009-01-20

New Release: XSLTdoc 1.2

Posted by Iwan Birrer 2007-12-14

Bugfix Release 1.0.1

Fixes HMTL output problems (namespaces).
Output conforms to XHTML now.

Posted by P&P Software 2004-12-20