#11 Tabs vs. Spaces


Improved support for choosing to indent using tabs or
spaces. Provides some compatibility for indenting with
both - a situation which becomes sticky very quickly
when sharing files with other people who might use other
editors or other settings than the author.
Documentation is extensive. Testing was pretty
thorough as well: XEmacs on Windows XP and Linux,
GNU Emacs on Linux. Both Linux versions are more or
less out-of-the-box installs which should ensure a good
first-time user experience.

Also removed compliation errors on XEmacs. These
compilation error changes should have no effect if you
never had compilation errors, but should remove them if
you did. Now, those of us who couldn't compile before
can use xslide without editing the lisp code. The
changes are not specific to XEmacs, although that's
where the problem was found and the fix was tested.

Tony: I made a big effort to make your merge as easy
as possible. Let me know if there is anything that makes
your merge difficult. Also, let me know if you plan to
merge other changes into this file or if I can start
merging my indentation (and possibly auto-completion)


  • Glen Peterson

    Glen Peterson - 2003-08-14

    the changed .el file

  • Glen Peterson

    Glen Peterson - 2003-08-14

    the change log


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