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I have a similar problem with my firewall. What I obtained
is has follows.
Any comments or help will be hightly appreciated :)


ppm> install -force -follow XML::XSH
Note: Package 'XML-XSH2' is already installed.
Install 'Text-Balanced' version 1.95 in ActivePerl
Downloaded 33512 bytes.
Extracting 5/5: blib/arch/auto/Text/Balanced/.exists
Successfully installed Text-Balanced version 1.95 in
Install 'Parse-RecDescent' version 1.94 in ActivePerl
Downloaded 85331 bytes.
Extracting 20/20: blib
Successfully installed Parse-RecDescent version 1.94 in
Install 'XML-NamespaceSupport' version 1.08 in ActivePerl
Downloaded 6890 bytes.
Extracting 21/21: blib
Successfully installed XML-NamespaceSupport version 1.08 in
Install 'XML-SAX' version 0.12 in ActivePerl
Downloaded 53888 bytes.
Extracting 58/58: blib
Error: error downloading install script
_parser_details': 500 Can't connect to
theoryx5.uwinnipeg.ca:80 (connect: Unknown error)