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xsdb release with "require", bugfixes

The new file release of xsdbXML includes a bunch of bugfixes and an introspection tag called "require" which permits explicit control of aspects of query evaluation.

Posted by Aaron Watters 2006-02-16

get xFeed package if you want xFeed ;)

A couple people noticed that xFeed and AJAX enhancements required for xFeed are not yet included in the "full" package. To be fixed rsn, but until then please get the "xFeed subset" if you are interested in techniques demonstrated in the zip code demo http://www.xfeedme.com/zip/zipcompletions_async.html

Posted by Aaron Watters 2006-02-10

xsdb/xFeed AJAX release

The xFeed example application of the xsdb package provides an infrastructure which makes it easy to implement "type ahead suggest" drop down selections matching against large or small data sets. The xFeed example illustrates how the xsdb framework can simplify data management and transmission in real applications.
See http://xsdb.sourceforge.net for additional documentation and http://www.xFeedMe.com for live web page examples. Most of the package bulk consists of example data used in the example configurations.

Posted by Aaron Watters 2006-02-06

javascript/ajax release with demo

I just released long awaited javascript implementation. Also please try the simple ajax javascript demo
at http://www.xfeedme.com/xsdbXML/xsdbjs/runqueries.html. I hope to create slicker demos soon.

Posted by Aaron Watters 2006-01-11

javascript (client side xsdb) rsn

Within a week or so I will be releasing
a javascript implementation of xsdb which
will make the engine more suitable for use
with Ajax and related techniques. Here is
a cryptic preview (not completely bug free yet).

Posted by Aaron Watters 2006-01-05

update with new examples (grading)

New file release added with additional examples (course grading),
also bringing the file release up to date with the cvs

Posted by Aaron Watters 2005-11-04

xsdbXMLcs gets dinky patch for mono compatibility

xsdbXMLcs.ContextContainer required
a two line patch to make the self tests
check out when run under mono 1.0.6.
I reported it as a mono bug
(the mono version of System.IO.Directory.Exists
raises an error in some cases where
MS .NET returns false). Get the patch from
cvs if you need it for now.

Posted by Aaron Watters 2005-04-05

Not Applicable support (and more)

The new xsdbXML_cs_java_py_01 release adds a "not applicable"
attribute restriction and completes the same/ifknown/otherwise
implementations as well as some bugfixes including a fix for
a performance bug in the java implementation.

Posted by Aaron Watters 2005-04-01

new xsdbXML release with java port (+C#+Python)

There is a new release of xsdbXML which provides
a native java port of the framework in addition to
bugfixes for the C# and Python implementations.
All three implementations are completely independent
and pass the same test cases.

The xsdb framework provides a flexible and well defined
infrastructure to allow tabular data to be published,
retrieved, and combined over the Internet.

Read more and download at

Posted by Aaron Watters 2005-03-17

sourceforge glitch -- wrong file download

For a few days sourceforge was downloading an old file as the latest release. I didn't notice because the reported file size was correct (even though the file delivered was smaller). Please get it again if you got the latest release.

Posted by Aaron Watters 2005-03-02

xsdbXML release with C#/.NET port

There is a new release of xsdbXML which provides bugfixes to the Python implementation and also provides a completely separate implementation in C#/.NET.

The xsdb framework provides a flexible and well defined infrastructure to allow tabular data to be published, retrieved, and combined over the Internet.

Posted by Aaron Watters 2005-03-01

gadfly now has xsdb interface

FYI the new release of gadfly http://gadfly.sourceforge.net has a gateway module which allows a gadfly database to mount an xsdbXML context as a table view.

Posted by Aaron Watters 2005-01-07

estimated tax example, bugfixes

Added an estimated tax calculation example and fixed some minor bugs mainly having to do with functions and predicates.

Posted by Aaron Watters 2004-12-30

win32 binary query exe download

In response to a number of requests, I've added a binary distribution which provides a Win32 line-mode interface to the xsdbXML query functionality for people who don't want to install or upgrade Python. I created it using the the cx_Freeze program available from http://starship.python.net/crew/atuining.

Posted by Aaron Watters 2004-12-23

auto generated crud removed from zip

I removed a tremendous amount of autogenerated stuff from the zip file, sorry I didn't notice it (that's the problem with broadband :( ). If you want it back you can regenerated it from what remains. Now it's 1/5 the previous size. Thanks for the helpful complaints!

Posted by Aaron Watters 2004-12-13

xsdb does XML, SQL is dead as disco :)

xsdb does XML, SQL is dead as disco :)

The xsdbXML framework provides a flexible
and well defined infrastructure to
allow tabular data to be published, retrieved,
and combined over the Internet.

It's a little bit like the daughter of the Gadfly
SQL engine in the buff, on steroids. This is
a major departure from the previous releases
of xsdb.

Please read about it and download it from
http://xsdb.sourceforge.net... read more

Posted by Aaron Watters 2004-12-11

xsdb declared beta

Because I've gotten enough positive feedback and the bug reports have died down. I'm calling xsdb a beta starting at the sound of the beep **beep**.

Posted by Aaron Watters 2004-01-27

bugfix alpha file release uploaded

There are a lot of changes (mainly minor).
This release was motivated primarily primarily by the fast reconnect problem reported by
Wolfgang Lipp. See the revised api documentation
on making Connection objects.

Posted by Aaron Watters 2004-01-05

xsdb goes alpha

I'm calling the latest xsdb-devel file upload
an official alpha for the xsdb package. Please
have a look at the home page and maybe try it
out. Let me know if you have comments or even
if you find bugs!

Posted by Aaron Watters 2003-12-09

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