#70 Error when running install.php


I have XRMS setup on my Mac for testing and it works fine. I'm now trying to install it on my PC running SuSE 10 and when I try to run the install.php, I keep getting:

Unable to execute your query. Please correct this error.
You may need to update your database structure.
Table 'xrms.user_preference_types' doesn't exist
I tried to execute:
SELECT * FROM user_preference_types WHERE user_preference_type_status='a' AND user_preference_name='session_storage_type' ORDER BY user_preference_pretty_name

Not sure what the problem is. Let me know what other information you need.



  • Brian Peterson

    Brian Peterson - 2007-01-16

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    Look in the Apache error_log.

    I suspect that the install script timed out, and that you need to raise max_execution_time in php.ini and restart apache and re-run the installation script. TYhe type of error that you describe is most often caused by a timeoutr, and if PHP errors are only logged and not displayed on the screen, it can be hard to see this.


    - Brian

  • Tom

    Tom - 2007-01-16

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    Thanks braverock for the quick reply!! I up'd the execution time to 90 and the memory_limit to 32m (was 16m). I ran the install and it worked, but when I log in, I get a blank screen and the following my my apache log:
    [client] PHP Fatal error: main() [<a href='function.require'>function.require</a>]: Failed opening required 'PEAR.php' (include_path='/usr/share/php5:/srv/www/htdocs/xrms/include/classes') in /srv/www/htdocs/xrms/include/classes/HTML/QuickForm.php on line 22, referer: http://localhost:81/xrms/login.php
    I had Pear 4 installed and upgraded to 5. I also run php5. Might this be the problem? Should I move back to PEAR4 and PHP4? I'm also running Apache2 Prefork. (BTW, the server is at my office where I would normally use it...I'm ssh'ing into it from home right now...hence the port 81)

  • Francis Crossen

    Francis Crossen - 2007-02-06

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    A common bug/feature.

    Drop a copy of PEAR.php into /srv/www/htdocs/xrms/include/classes

  • deepjavero

    deepjavero - 2007-02-20

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    Reset your DB a open phpmyadmin a meavy you saw the tables idf exist runa again install.php



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