#68 CTI Plugin Problems

v1.0 (example)

Hello All,

I have installed XRMS on two different servers and I
have not been able to configure the CTI plugin correctly.

I did notice that in the plugin setup.php file it
assumes you are using the xrms sub-directory rather
than running xrms from your document root for instance

I have noticed that the documentation for the plugins
is very poor and this is unfortunate because I think
there is a lot of potential for this product.

Not to get to far off topic but I read some posts about
integrating the CTI features into XRMS. How realistic
is this and what would be required.

I am currently working for a German company and am
tasked with purchasing or developing a CRM / FAQ
solution. I would be more than happy to use my time at
work to donate to your project ;)

If anyone would have the time to chat about this
project or even just assist me with my current error I
would greatly appreciate it.




  • Brian Peterson

    Brian Peterson - 2006-09-26
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  • Brian Peterson

    Brian Peterson - 2006-09-26

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    We'll be happy to try to help you get the CTI plugin set up.

    Currently, the CTI plugin supports the following integration
    features to an Asterisk phone server:

    - Click to Dial w/ Activity generation
    - VoiceMail notification and link
    - Screen Pop of new Activity on inbound call
    - Setup widget for SIP config (only tested on Cisco phones)

    All of these things are working in production somewhere.

    here are certainly more advanced CTI features that could be
    integrated to XRMS, and as you've noted, the documentation
    could use improvement.

    Could you please be more specific with what you've tried,
    and we'll be happy to try to help you out.


    - Brian

  • m3_5h1rt

    m3_5h1rt - 2006-09-26

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    Error: [Exception... "'Permission denied to set property
    XULElement.selectedIndex' when calling method:
    [nsIAutoCompletePopup::selectedIndex]" nsresult:
    "0x8057001e (NS_ERROR_XPC_JS_THREW_STRING)" location: "JS
    frame :: http://crm.lja/plugins/cti/jpspan_server.php?client
    :: anonymous :: line 690" data: no]
    Source File: http://crm.lja/plugins/cti/jpspan_server.php?client
    Line: 690

    Took the above error from JavaScript Console in Firefox...

    Screenshot of the error is here.


    I created all the tables correctly in the database so I am
    not sure whe this is still erroring out. It is documented in
    the readme that this will happen if you do not create the
    tables so it could be a linking problem.

    Hope this is more clear.

    Also I am not running xrms from a folder /xrms I am running
    it directly from htdocs via a sub-domain.


  • Glenn Powers

    Glenn Powers - 2006-09-26

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    I'd be happy to offer guidance on getting this to work in
    your environment. The CTI plugin is in production use in
    several places. Although, the configurations are
    significantly different in each instance I'm aware of. So,
    there hasn't been much effort in producing a common, easy to
    use version. This, along with documentation, would be
    greatly appreciated contributions to XRMS. Also, the
    javascript libraries that we are using for screen pop need
    to be replaced.

    I recommended getting things working in this order:
    * click-to-dial
    * web-based voicemail
    * CDRs
    * screen pop


    (glenn net127 com)


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