#51 Test calculation : TSC with value above 1


Example http://cia.sourceforge.net/xradar/subsystems/overview-subsystem-Web.Controller.html

and xradar config


Unit Test Suite
[TS= 0.5*TSC + 0.5*TMR] 2.23

Statement Test Coverage
[TSC= source-statements-covered÷ncss] 0.07

Method Test Reference
[TMR= methods-referenced÷npm] 4.4

Any idea or am I doing things wrong..


  • Romain PELISSE

    Romain PELISSE - 2009-06-30

    First of all thanks for using XRadar (finally some OSS project using it, I was starting to be a little sad that only closed source was using it !) and for your report.
    Which version of XRadar or using ? You set XRadar 1.1 but it is unreleased yet, so...

    Anyway, you right, you shouldn't have results higher than 1, as your project is OSS, I'll checkout your project and see if I can fix this issue. We'll try to make this fix available in the upcoming 1.1....

  • Romain PELISSE

    Romain PELISSE - 2009-06-30
    • labels: 1145762 --> xradar-core
    • milestone: 879432 --> 879431
  • James Pether Sörling

    Checked out & built from http://xradar.svn.sourceforge.net/viewvc/xradar/trunk/ about a week ago, shows up as maven-xradar-plugin 1.2 . Sorry don't have the code to check the revision.

    Think xradar is excellent since it's easy to define the architecture and easy as 1 dev team to get some QA results ;)

  • Romain PELISSE

    Romain PELISSE - 2009-07-03
    • assigned_to: ndox --> rpelisse
  • Romain PELISSE

    Romain PELISSE - 2009-07-03

    Hi Pether,

    No problem from the version, and I must admit our version is numbering is far from perfect. You were right to use the trunk, previous realease was rather unstable.

    Thanks for XRadar appreciation also :)

    We' may not be able to fix this bug for the next release, but we most definitly have a minor release asap to fix it...

    Thanks for you report !

  • James Pether Sörling

    Sounds excellent, let me know if I can help out in anyway.

  • James Pether Sörling

    • milestone: 879431 --> xradar-1.1
  • James Pether Sörling

    Tried to use cobertura instead of emma and guess the problem might in the emma part, works decent now.

    Using this maven configuration now


    Maybe the emma problem was caused because of my aspectj configuration .

    Using cobertura the value <stat group="test-metrics" value="methods-referenced"/> showed result 0.

    Happy with the workaround anyway :)

  • James Pether Sörling

    • status: open --> open-accepted
  • Romain PELISSE

    Romain PELISSE - 2010-01-14


    First of all, thanks for your work and investigation regarding this issue. Knowing that the issue is "confined" to Emma is definitely helpful ! I'll try to have a look asap... (but I don't know when sadly...)


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