#50 Configuring metrics in radar-config.xml


Hello Everyone!

Thank you making a very nice software measurement tool like Xradar.

I have downloaded the following file xradar-base-0.99.1.zip and proceeded with Xradar setup.

I could successfully make the test-project work fine.

Further to the installation process, I have a made a dummy project to find metrics as follows:

# Lines / method Percentage of methods with number of lines <= 10
# Private Fields / Class Percentage of classes whose private fields <= 5
# Protected Fields / Class Percentage of classes whose protected fields <= 5
# Public Fields / Class Percentage of methods whose public fields <= 5
# Parameters / Method Percentage of methods whose parameters <=5

I am getting values for these metric as 1 always.

I am wondering if I incorrectly configuring the metrics?
Or is the case that the metrics will be accounted in future releases.

for eg: to find data for number of methods with less than five
I used the following xml tag in radar-config.xml

<metric name="Number of Parameters" abbreviation="METHPARAMS" type="value">
<count-classes group="source-metrics" value="params" max-value="5"/>
<operator value="divide"/>
<stat group="source-metrics" value="total-classes"/>

however when ever I run the reports statistics I always get the value 1 finally.

Please let me know if I have missed any information in this regard.

many thanks


  • Abhijit C Kale

    Abhijit C Kale - 2009-04-17

    config file used

  • Romain PELISSE

    Romain PELISSE - 2009-07-03
    • assigned_to: nobody --> rpelisse
  • Romain PELISSE

    Romain PELISSE - 2009-07-03


    Sorry for this long to respond to your issue. I'll try to see if can sort this out.


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