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Xpose version 4.3.0 released

A new version of Xpose has been released. Lots of new plots and features. Note that, installation of Xpose has been simplified; it is now available through the Comprehensive R Archive Network (CRAN). See http://xpose.sourceforge.net/docs_install.php for more details.

Posted by Andy 2010-10-23

Xpose 4.2.1 released

* Changed the behaviour of xpose.multiple.plot.default. Now
multiple plots are returned as objects just like single plots are
(no automatic printing from the function that created the plot
list). This is accomplished by defining a new class -
xpose.multiple.plots - and corresponding print and show methods for
that class.
* Updated xpose.VPC, xpose.VPC.categorical and xpose.VPC.both to
handle the new format of PsN vpc_results.csv
* see changelog for more details

Posted by Andy 2010-05-26

Xpose 4.1.0 released

We have updated xpose for NONMEM 7 as well as added functions for odd type (categorical, TTE, count) plots including VPCs.

Posted by Andy 2009-11-29

Xpose 4 release 4 available

This release makes Xpose 4 compatible with R 2.8.0. We have updated the method for opening graphical devices to be consistent with the new methods used in R version 2.8.0. Other changes are considered minor. Please see the change-log for more information.

Posted by Andy 2008-12-14

Xpose 4 release 3 available

A minor fix. In the previous release, in compute.cwres(), a debugging flag had been left in the file resulting in R going into debugging mode when this function was called. This has been fixed in this release.

Posted by Andy 2008-10-24

Xpose 4 release 2 available

Xpose version 4.0.2 is now available. This is a maintenance release for xpose with improved functionality for xpose.VPC() and some minor bug fixes. To find out more please read the release notes on the download page.

Posted by Andy 2008-10-14

Xpose 4.0 release 1 now available!

Our first non-preview release! This version of Xpose incorporates visual and numerical predictive check capabilities, in concert with Perl-speaks-NONMEM (http://psn.sf.net). For more information type, at the R command line:


Posted by Andy 2008-06-13

Update 1 to release 6

A quick bug fix for titles of plots with multiple graphs. Now they can be specified to be anything the user desires. Just use the 'main' argument at the command line.

Posted by Andy 2007-05-31

Xpose 4 preview release 6 now available

A new release of xpose is now available. This release changes the default way tables should be created so that xpose can calculate the CWRES, see the help page for 'compute.cwres' for more information. This release also updates the 'mirror' option, all plots in xpose can now handle the mirror option to create simulated comparison plots.

Posted by Andy 2007-05-30

Xpose 4 release 5 update 1 now available

Xpose 4 release 5 update 1 is now available. This release fixes some small bugs and updates the methods used in the mirror functionality of the plots available in Xpose.

Posted by Andy 2007-03-20

Preview Release 5 Available

Xpose 4 preview release 5 is now available! This release fixes a bug found in the CWRES calculation, that affected results if the ID's in a NONMEM dataset were not in order (i.e. if ID=2 was before ID=1). The CWRES will still have a problem if two separate individuals have the same ID value in a NONMEM dataset (but this, we believe, is a rare occurance). A new plot of the CWRES and WRES vs. PRED is also included in this release.

Posted by Andy 2007-02-27

Xpose 4.0 preview release 4 now available!

The latest preview release of Xpose 4 is now available. This latest version has an improved run summary (type '?runsum.new' at the command line) and fixes bugs from the previous release.

Posted by Andy 2007-01-23

Update to update 7

Fixes the previous release of update 7 which mistakenly contained old .zip/.gz arichives. This new release now does all that release 7 claims to do!

Posted by Andy 2006-10-17

Update 7!

Update 7 (Update 6 was an internal release only) adds functions for drawing tables using the graphics device, for displaying IWRES and ETA distributions, and for printing multiple plots on a single page. In addition, we have added fixes for the popular run summary function, correcting issues with reading in parameter estimates amongst other things, and for the GAM-related plots, which were broken in Update 5.... read more

Posted by Justin Wilkins 2006-09-28

Update 5...

Update 5 to PR3 fixes a slew of annoying little issues. This is an essential update - get it in the usual place.

Posted by Justin Wilkins 2006-08-21

Update 4...

Update 4 for Xpose 4.0 PR3 has been released, fixing a number of issues relating to file devices. Piping plots to non-screen devices (e.g. pdf, postscript, jpeg, etc) should now work flawlessly. See the FAQ on how to do this in practice, and download from the usual place!

Posted by Justin Wilkins 2006-08-01

Online documentation

Online documentation, based on the R manual files for Xpose, is now available from the Documentation page. It lists every function in each of the four packages, and provides details of all relevant arguments. By popular demand!

The same information is available from the R console, and may be accessed using the question mark function (e.g. ?dv.vs.pred).

Posted by Justin Wilkins 2006-07-24

Xpose 4.0 PR3 update 3

A somewhat minor update, correcting a bug in subsets with the individual plots function (ind.plots).

Posted by Justin Wilkins 2006-07-24

PR3 update 2

Update 2 for PR3 has just been released, containing such new features as preliminary Linux support, scatterplot matrices, completely accurate and complete online documentation, and numerous bugfixes. Xpose 4.0 PR3-2 is available on the Downloads page, as usual.

Posted by Justin Wilkins 2006-07-21

PR3 update 1

Unsurprisingly, there were a couple of bugs in PR3, including some problems with CWRES calculations, and a couple of minor issues with the histogram plots. These are now all fixed and rolled up into PR3 Update 1.

Posted by Justin Wilkins 2006-06-07


Now you can compute CWRES values in Xpose! Take a look at the R online help ('?compute.cwres') for a rundown on how.

Posted by Justin Wilkins 2006-06-05

PR3: Midnight Sun

Well, it's not a holiday - unless you're in Sweden, where it's the day before National Day - but we're releasing Xpose 4.0 PR3 anyway. Codenamed "Midnight Sun", because it doesn't get very dark in Uppsala around this time of year, this version reintroduces the GAM, fixes most outstanding bugs, and most excitingly, adds conditional weighted residual (CWRES) functionality.

If you're coming to PAGE in Brugges, visit our software demonstration! ... read more

Posted by Justin Wilkins 2006-06-05

PR2 update 1

Update 1 for PR2 has been released. Support for changing data item labels from the classic menu system has been added.

Posted by Justin Wilkins 2006-05-08

The Easter Bunny

Another holiday, another Xpose release! Just in time for Easter - well, if you're Greek Orthodox, anyway, and if your Easter Bunny has time management skills similar to Alice in Wonderland's White Rabbit - Xpose 4.0 Preview Release 2, codenamed "Easter Bunny", has arrived. New in this version: variable and graphics preferences, support fro saving and loading of graphical themes, data summaries, numerous fixes, automatic installation from .zip from within R, and many other new features.... read more

Posted by Justin Wilkins 2006-04-25

The first of many

Not really so much of an update as a slight modification of the individual plots, and a source release for those of you brave enough to build your own software! You may find the files in the usual place, i.e. follow the download links to SourceForge.

Posted by Justin Wilkins 2006-01-17

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