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  • éric le hénaff

    I'd like to tell you about my try with using xpc on windows98 and i'd like to get an advice in return 'cause i'm stuck.

    I'm trying to configure a trying installation to evaluate the software.
    * I installed EasyPHP: no problem.
    * i unzipped the files to C:Program FilesEasyPHPwww : ok
    (i first unzipped them in a 'xpc' subdirectory but it didn't work ; should have RTFM)
    * tried xpc : failed ; should have RTFM : xpc needs its own domain, so i had to add a line " test" in the local HOSTS file.
    * http://test gives me the form but when i fill it in and submit i get the error message : "Fatal error: Call to a member function on a non-object in c:program fileseasyphpwwwmanagelibxpc.cls.setup.php on line 106 "

    I can't go further... any advice ?

    PS :
    Windows 98SE
    PHP 4.2.0
    Apache 1.3.24
    MySQL 3.23.39

    • éric le hénaff

      I add an answer from michael glazer :

      "Hello Le

      There are certain required fields in the setup form such as the mysql settings. Your error tells me the MySQL Object was not valid so it could not create the tables from the setup form.

      I would suggest rechecking your MySQL settings in the setup form to make sure they are there and valid.

      In the future please post these types of questions on the sourceforge project page where
      my answers can be shared by others

      I hope this proves helpful.

      Thank you,

      Michael Glazer"

      I checked my mysql setup, and i think it's ok ...
      ... still digging ...

    • éric le hénaff

      it may be because i dont have an ftp server on my box. XPC may need it ... ??

      • Michael Glazer

        Michael Glazer - 2002-08-05

        The FTP settings are used to write to files without needing to CHMOD them. in Windows you dont need to chmod because as the owner everything is already writable.

        This is used in the setup to write the config file and also used to cache items but caching can be turned off by the 'xcache' in the setup form. from 'on' to 'off'

        Still the line 106 no object issue is from the sql object.

    • Nobody/Anonymous


      Line 106 is a call to the mysql object in the setup class.

      The only reason it would be a non object or undefined is because the mysql object is not ok which woudl be due to bad mysql settings.

    • éric le hénaff

      my testdrive config is very simple :
      i created a database named xpc.
      the only mysql user is 'root' with no password.
      how can i make mistake with the mysql configuration ??
      i cant see why xpc couldnt talk to the mysql server. phpmyadmin does.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      it's enough for me for today. i will try later to investigate on my problem or i will evaluate phportal on a linux box.
      I still think it's a good way of thinking to take the zope example as a start. My colleagues here dont want to leave php though i advertise over zope. it could be a could alternative to have the features of zope over php ...
      i'll look eagerly after the improvements of this framework

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      My hosting do not have FTP enabled, what should I do?

      • Nobody/Anonymous

        Two things:

        First, if you are not yet installed you will have to do the manuall installation outlined in the readme.txt file.

        Second, make sure the xcache option in the site config is turned off.

        FTP is used for writing files without the need to chmod. or leave the file or directory writable. This is mainly used for editing and installing config files and writing to the cache data directory.

        If you cannot or dont want to use the FTP just use the manual installation and turn of the xcache option in the config and you should be fine.

        If this doesn't work or any problems appear due to this please let me know.

        Good Luck!


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