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Xournal / News: Recent posts

0.4.8: we're still there!

Version 0.4.8 is finally out, after a long delay. The main new features are:

  • optional auto-save of documents and recovery from auto-saves
  • new Export to PDF code (fixes various issues)
  • various bug-fixes and configuration options for touchscreen devices
  • various Windows bug-fixes and a new windows binary release
  • a horizontal view mode (pages are shown next to each other horizontally)

-- Denis

Posted by Denis Auroux 2014-06-30

0.4.6: catching up with the CVS repository.

At long last, a new release (0.4.6) catches up with the various bugfixes and international translations that have accumulated in the CVS repository over the last couple of years. If you have kept up with the CVS, this should be an extremely minor update.

Sorry none of the major patches that have been waiting out there made it into this one yet. My next goal is to incorporate the image patch, hopefully soon. (So: if you have a patched 0.4.5 that you are happy with, no need to update at this time.)... read more

Posted by Denis Auroux 2012-05-23