#152 Implementation of zeta1 as default theme

Skalpa Keo

The objective of this patch is to replace the old
default theme to a new one inspired by the released
zeta reticuli.
For now the goal is not to replace all the templates
yet, just to take care of the main page tpl and styling.
I'll try to respect the theme appearance as much as
possible, but for this 1st patch BC will be favored
(we'll see about fancyness later on, first we'll try to
get something that display well with old browsers
and/or tagsoup)


  • Skalpa Keo

    Skalpa Keo - 2006-07-05

    Logged In: YES

    Patch available in the task branch "1516091-zeta1".
    Waiting for review before merging (you can freely copy this
    branch themes/default folder over an existing 2.0.14
    install, as nothing has been changed outside of this folder).

    snow (the original theme designer) had a look at it and said
    it was ok, so I dont really think a "deep" review is needed
    (maybe you'll find a mistake I let behind anyway).

  • Skalpa Keo

    Skalpa Keo - 2006-07-23

    Logged In: YES

    No review from anybody, but I guess there wasn't much to
    say here...

    Closing this one

  • rowd

    rowd - 2006-07-23

    Logged In: YES

    I'm sorry skalpa, I did review it (not deeply) but I didn't
    get back to you with the results :-(

    I only had one observation, that the white text on light
    grey background for page redirections is difficult to read.

    Some of the system block templates break the theme, but as I
    understand your summary text that's not an issue at this
    stage... it's to be taken care of later, right?

    A lovely theme :-)


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