#20 Multi-monitor support disabling


Allow in the preferences to disable multi-monitor support. I believe the -xinerama option should do it.

I have multiple monitors running aqua at different resolutions and XDarwin won't run unless they are equally configured. That is, I have to lower the resolution of my additional 21' monitor (1600x1200) to the one of my powerbook 14' monitor (1024x768).

Besides, I like to be able to work with OS X on one monitor and XDarwin on the other.


  • Greg Parker

    Greg Parker - 2001-10-01

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    What do you mean by "won't run"? Does it crash?

    XDarwin should run with mismatched monitors, although some X apps misbehave because they use the space outside the smaller monitor.

    XDarwin works fine on my system, which has one screen at 1600x1024 and the other at 800x600.

    It might be mismatched color depth instead of mismatched size. If the 21" is only running 16-bit color, try lowering the 14" to the same depth.

    -xinerama won't work. Our non-Xinerama multiscreen support is non-existent, so if XDarwin sees multiple screens without Xinerama it gets confused and does mean things like locking your mouse in the corner.

    A preference to exclude some screens should be possible, but so far we've had trouble making it work when the Mac OS main screen (with the menu bar) is excluded. This is of course the one most people want to exclude from XDarwin.

  • Marcos Betancourt

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    XDarwin continues without crashing beyond the welcome panel if the color depth are the same on both monitors (not the resolution as I incorrectly pointed out). However, the top portion of the larger monitor (about 4") is a unaccessible, both in full screen and rootless mode (using Window Maker).

    In one of the earlier versions of XDarwin (before 1.0a1), I was able to have XDarwin on one monitor and aqua on the other and copy and paste between them (in full screen mode).
    It would be nice to have this feature back as a preference.


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