4.3.0 does not compile

  • Martin Costabel

    Martin Costabel - 2003-02-28

    Has anybody got yesterday's 4.3.0 from CVS to compile?
    Last week I had no problem to run either "make World" or "make Everything" and everything got made and then installed.

    Now it doesn't build XDarwin.app any more. One problem seems to be a last-minute bug introduced with xf86Date.h. It is not in the include directory and no symlink is created, so it is not found.

    • Martin Costabel

      Martin Costabel - 2003-02-28

      To answer my own question: The missing link was indeed the problem, and this is definitely a bug in the xfree86-4.3.0 sources, not only in CVS, but also in the released sources, AFAICT.

      The fix is the following patch which I also sent to the xfree86@xfree86.org mailing list:

      --- programs/Xserver/include/Imakefile.~3.21.~  Wed Jan 17 23:36:56 2001
      +++ programs/Xserver/include/Imakefile  Fri Feb 28 15:00:03 2003
      @@ -13,6 +13,7 @@

      • Torrey T. Lyons

        Torrey T. Lyons - 2003-02-28

        Yes, there was a last minute change by the release engineer to darwin.c which broke the XDarwin build. *grumble* I'll be committing a fix to xf-4_3-branch today. Your fix is the right way to go.


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