SSH Running X-Programs Remotely

  • Brandon Philips

    Brandon Philips - 2002-11-05

    How do I run an X program that is sitting on an X86 system over SSH into XDarwin on a OSX machine?  I tried logging in and typing galeon & but it came back with GTK warning cannot open display : HELP

    • Dennis Haag

      Dennis Haag - 2002-11-05

      You need to enable X forwarding (if you want the X traffic to go through the encrypted tunnel). The server you are connecting to must allow X Forwarding, check sshd_config for X11Forwarding           yes.

      If the server has it enabled, you can run "ssh -X user@remote-host" and X traffic should be forwarded automatically. The DISPLAY on the remote host will actually be set to localhost:10 (or 11, or 12, etc...) but it is tunnelled through ssh to the display on the local host.

      If you do this more than occassionally, either modify the ssh_config file to enable X11Forwarding for all clients or create a personal ~/.ssh/config file.

      The man pages for ssh, sshd, ssh_config, and sshd_config should have all the information you need.

    • Adrian

      Adrian - 2002-11-06

      The following page should be helpful - it has quite a few new possible issues that can arise with "ssh -X" (including those that Dennis mentioned), as well as diagnostic tests and solutions:




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