Warning: locale not supported by C library ,

  • Chuck Bernard

    Chuck Bernard - 2001-06-26

    I've just finishing installing XFree86 4.1.0 and it starts and works great except now when I start some of the applications  (xterm) it gives a warning message

    Warning: locale not supported by C library , locale unchanged

    Other applications won't start and say:

    dyld: mwm Undefined symbols:


    I'm sure that both are related but I'm not sure how to fix the problem or what the problem is exactly.  Anybody else have this problem?



    • Anonymous - 2001-09-13

      I'm having similar problems when I try to build Grace (aka Xmgr).  I got a reply from the Grace mailing list saying:

      Well, something wrong is with your X11 lib. _Xsetlocale should be defined there.
      Here's on Linux:

      # nm /usr/X11/lib/libX11.a |grep Xsetlocale|grep T
      00000000 T _Xsetlocale

      Seems the X locale stuff was misconfigured (e.g. the X libraries were compiled
      with X_LOCALE undefined and somewhere in the includes it *is* defined or wise
      verse). I suggest you ask the Mac OS X Xfree porters - and let us know the

      Any suggestions?


      • Greg Parker

        Greg Parker - 2001-09-15

        [hmm, I thought I replied to this already]

        XDarwin does not have Xsetlocale. Darwin already has setlocale(), so Xsetlocale is not needed. Neither the server nor the libraries nor the headers use X_LOCALE, as far as I can tell.

        However: it looks like Darwin's setlocale() is buggy, or simply doesn't live up to Xt's expectation. If you have the XDarwin source, try adding -DX_LOCALE to the StandardDefines line in xc/config/cf/darwin.cf and rebuilding everything. I'll try this myself when I have a couple hours to let it recompile.


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