Dennis Haag - 2002-12-06

I have a couple of issues with CDE on Solaris and XDarwin. I wanted to see if anyone had run into something similar.

1. With dtterms either via XDMCP or rootless mode, the "8" key is interpreted as F1 and brings up the help menu rather than typing an 8. This worked in 4.2.0 but not in 4.2.1. The only difference between the 'xmodmap -pke' in 4.2.0 and 4.2.1.x is the mapping for keycode 36 ("8"). Two things that work: remove F1 from mapping or replace Mod3 from Mode_Switch to Alt_L.

2. We use Cadence design software which is developed on NT and then ported using MainWin to run on Solaris. We have noticed that if you are using XFree86 XDMCP to connect to a Sun and run any Cadence tools and the CDE screen saver comes on. When you unlock the screen, the mouse pointer disappears when it is in a Cadence window. Anyone seen that or know how to fix it? (other than disabling the screensaver).