xdarwin doesnt work!

  • Praveen Raghavan

    hi everyone,
    i have a mac running os x (jaguar ed.) i had installed all the 3 parts of xdarwin:
    1. => 4.2.0
    2.  =>
    3. =>

    i have to connect to a sun machine and run hspice and cadence (couple of cad tools!) 
    i have connected via both the xterm window and the terminal window.
    i do the following:

    praveen% xhost +
    access control disabled, clients can connect from any host
    praveen% ssh praveen@vlsiserver.asu.edu
    praveen@vlsiserver.asu.edu password:

    Last login: Sat Feb 15 2003 19:34:54 -0700 from Sun Microsystems Inc.   SunOS 5.8       Generic February 2000

    vlsi%  setenv DISPLAY <MYIP>:0.0
    vlsi% icfb & <======= this the my program
    *ERROR* X Window Display Initialization failure
    *WARNING* X Window Display Initialization failure

    Why does this happen?
    i have tried even loggin on to a linux machine and running emacs!!! even that doesnt work.
    pls help!!!
    thanks and regards,

    • Dave Taflin

      Dave Taflin - 2003-03-11

      Hi Praveen,

      Since you are running ssh anyway, you could try using its X11 tuneling. Make sure your DISPLAY variable is set before you issue the ssh command, and add the -X flag to your ssh command. Also, do not set the DISPLAY variable on the remote machine. So it would go something like this:

      (launch XDarwin, then...)
      praveen% setenv DISPLAY :0 <===only necessary if using Terminal utility; already set for xterm
      praveen% ssh -X praveen@vlsserver.asu.edu
      praveen@vlsserver.asu.edu password:

      Last login:...

      vlsi% icfb&

    • casper

      casper - 2004-01-24

      Hi there,

      Being a newbie, I want to know the details. I just want to login to my BSD server from my powerbook. And run xterm there. I want it showed on my powerbook. I did this:

      ssh username@mybsd.server

      set DISPLAY ip:0.0

      and I get errprs saying Xt error, and can not go on.

      Can you guys show me what's wrong here? I am running X11app by Apply. And I also try XDarwin before. Thanks in advance.


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