Apple's X11...

  • Adrian

    Adrian - 2003-01-07
    • Brian Cole

      Brian Cole - 2003-01-07

      In order to try this out I removed my existing
      X server and all of Fink by doing what it says at

      Then I downloaded these two files from Apple
              X11UserForMacOSX.dmg.bin (42mb)
              X11SDKForMacOSX.dmg.bin (4mb)and installed them.

      Actually, at first I didn't notice that these were
      two different files, hence I was befuddled when
      I installed only the SDK and I couldn't figure out
      how to do anything. I mention this in case any
      of you would tend to follow my footsteps.

      The 44mb download does include a readme with
      decent detail. I'll try to post it when I have time.

    • Adrian

      Adrian - 2003-01-07

      Just out of interest, there's a thread over at the OroborOSX Discussion forum about this:

      It will be interesting to watch what comes out of this, what the benefits are, and what the problems are.

      BTW, it looks like OroborOSX still works fine if you install this over your XDarwin installation - you can even run both together! (See the discussion above...)



    • Brian Cole

      Brian Cole - 2003-01-08

      I won't include it here because it appears as
      the third entry under the link Adrian provided.
      (It's dated 2003-01-07 15:29.)

    • Paul Bayley

      Paul Bayley - 2003-01-08

      I don't see an option to use a non-Aqua appearance. Grr...

      • Pelle Johansson

        Pelle Johansson - 2003-01-08

        Edit ~/.xinitrc and make it exec something else.
        Saves you from that terminal opening as well.

        Note: X will still be around if the script exits (as opposed to in XDarwin). But if you haven't launched a window manager you'll be without one.


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