Adrian - 2002-12-24

At last! It's arrived... and I've bumped up the version to 0.8.5, since it's got so much new functionality:

Quick overview of changes:

1. Now accepts files dropped onto its icon (either in Dock or Finder) and 'routes' them to an appropriate X11 application for editing/viewing:
    * The type of a dropped file is determined by three methods: unix 'file' command description, Type/Creator, and filename extension;
    * The scripts in the Helper Scripts folder allow a high level of user configuration and extension (see the documentation by choosing 'About Helper Scripts' from the Help menu);
    * Many Helper Scripts already included for X11 applications such as OpenOffice, AbiWord, NEdit, gimp, ImageMagick, GhostView, Lyx and xv;
    * Includes first-stage 'pre-expansion' of a gzipped/bzipped/zipped/compressed file, then the expanded file is passed through again as if it had been dragged;
    * Also includes expansion of a dropped tar (or tar.gz/tgz) or zip archive into a folder that is automatically opened (can be used to expand other versions of OroborOSX, or new themes!)

2. Major breakthrough in functionality with CodeTek VirtualDesktop (from v2.0 - and including just-released v2.1, though that caused a headache for a couple of days because CodeTek changed a few things...):
    * Reports window 'events' that happen via VirtualDesktop to the X server, to keep its knowledge of X11 windows up-to-date;
    * Normally ignores X11 windows not on the current desktop (you can't focus them);
    * Option to allow focus of windows on another desktop (for use with the VirtualDesktop option to switch to the desktop with the topmost window).

3. New menu items:
    * "Force Close" -forces a window to be removed from the screen (useful if an X11 app stops responding);
    * "First Click if Modal Child on Top" -new property that acts like "Accept First Click" to allow use of certain annoying X11 apps that always keep a window in front, but still expect the lower window to receive mouse clicks;
    * "Modal Window" -new property to get to parent of a modal window in the case mentioned above;
    * Added new items to Help menu, to give easier access to relevant documentation;
    * Slight change and addition to Launch menu (to give easy access to personal Launch Menu Items folder and Helper Scripts folder).

4. XDarwin now started with "-xauth" option:
    * generates a Magic-Cookie, which is placed into your .Xauthority file;
    * Magic-Cookie should be removed on quit (though it's possible a bad crash could prevent this happening);
    * new web page, which includes instructions on using xauth (and X11 over ssh, and xhost):

5. Replaces entire Launch Menu Items folder with a new one containing updated scripts (the old folder is renamed, with " -pre0.85" appended). Scripts updated: "template", "NEdit.x11app", "MacGimp.x11app". New scripts: "xcutsel.x11app", "Lyx.x11app".

6. The ".x11app" scripts no longer need to be in the Launch Menu Items folder (i.e. you can place a script anywhere, and double-click to use it).

7. Included themes "New Eau" and "New Greyphyte" (instead of "Eau" and "Greyphyte" -also put a couple of SmoothStripe themes, and a "New ClassicMac" theme into the "Extra Goodies" folder).

8. Added a (possible?) workaround (kludge!) for hanging with Unsanity's haxies (but see warning in Version History file concerning starting as a login item).

9. Updated French localisation (menubars, alerts and some documentation), and Swedish (menubars and alerts) -Thanks guys! (Anyone for any more...?)

10. Attempted localisation of certain folders under OS X 10.2 (personal "Launch Menu Items", "Helper Scripts", and "Themes") - unfortunately, this does not seem to be working, but I've left it there in case somebody (with 10.2, unlike myself) can figure out what's happening...

11. Fixed various crashes (iconbar hiding and classless X11 windows), and attempted to fix some inconsistencies (mouse events now in the right place, ungrabs cursor when focus changes) - see Version History for more info.