artefacts in X on OSX?

  • Morgan Ryan

    Morgan Ryan - 2001-10-08

    I'm getting a lot of artefacts on the screen running the latest X and 1.0a3 Darwin on X.1. The cursor leaves tracks and speckles, menus leave ghosts, etc. Sometimes when I click on the desktop in any window manager, an OSX Finder window pops through the manager desktop.  Is that usual at this stage in the development of the project, or should I suspect something in my installation?
      I'm new to unix and X and OSX and I _revere_ you people for the XonX enterprise. I haven't been to sleep before 2 am in days! Morgan

    • Greg Parker

      Greg Parker - 2001-10-08

      Nope, that shouldn't be happening. Are you using full-screen mode? It sounds like the covering window that's supposed to separate full-screen XDarwin from Aqua isn't working. What's your screen's color depth? video hardware? multiple screens?

      As a workaround, try running in rootless mode. You won't be able to use the X11 desktop at all, but everything else should work better.

    • Morgan Ryan

      Morgan Ryan - 2001-10-09

      Thanks, gparker. I'm on a Lombard Pbook, thousands of colors, two monitors. I tried rootless works great. Actually it works really great, seemingly  more responsive than with a manager desktop. On to launching console only! Boy this is fun. Morgan


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