I need to know the following:
I downloaded the Darwin PPC image 7.0.1 I will be running this on a Powerbook G3-500 pismo,
I want to install a GUI - like X11 on it, I want Apache, PHP, and the OpenSource Darwin Streaming Server (Quicktime).
The reason I am doing this, simple, Mac OS X server does not run in a powerbook.!
So I only see simple, how to install the darwin os binaries, but where is the rest? is this 4.3.0 xfree image LOADABLE on a pure Darwin powerbook g3 pismo???
All i see here to guide me is the opposite installation, installing X11 on Mac OS X, but I won't be running OS X..for reasons I just disclosed.
So please GUIDE ME a little, I am Linux savy, but too rookie for Darwin OS standalone...I need a helping hand.

Sergio (gracias).