#4 Xmaster doesn't like too start in the background

X server (105)

If you open Xmaster, and switch to another app while it's starting, once it's running it takes over the whole screen, but doesn't receive the mouse & keyboard events, because it's running in the background. You have to blindly switch into it (for example by opening a terminal and typing 'open -a Xmaster').

There are two possible solutions:
1. switch to Xmaster as soon as it's running
2. check if we are in the background and disable the display when necessary


  • Greg Parker

    Greg Parker - 2001-01-15

    The original Xmaster used to switch back to Aqua immediately to prevent this. This caused the screen to flash annoyingly as X drew the desktop once.

  • Andreas Monitzer

    • assigned_to: nobody --> amonitzer
  • Andreas Monitzer

    • status: open --> closed-fixed

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