#244 xfree86 4.3.0 ignores powerbook 'fn' key


Many congratulations on the release of xfree86 version 4.3!
I am running it on Mac OS X (10.2) and the longstanding
problem with CursorMove and CursorWarp is now gone:
I'm now able to operate my X11 desktop in completely
mouse-free mode, using fvwm2 key bindings to supply all
mouse movements as I do on my Linux box, bravo!

However, since upgrading to version 4.3 last week, the
function ('fn') key on my G4 Titanium PowerBook is now
ignored by X11. Under version 4.2, pressing 'fn' in an
xev window used to give keycode 71 ... now it gives
nothing at all. Any help you can provide would be greatly
appreciated. (FYI, under v4.2, I had 'fn' remapped to
CTRL using xmodmap, since I am accustomed to the bottom-
left-corner key being CTRL. This worked fine, and was
most helpful.)

Best regards,
Naomi (makins@uiuc.edu)


  • Torrey T. Lyons

    Torrey T. Lyons - 2003-04-03
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  • yi liu

    yi liu - 2003-10-30

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    In my case, it is even worse. Whenever I hit fn keys, the
    system logs me out, no matter I am running XDarwin or not. I
    am a newbie, and this happens to my brand new powerbook g4.


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