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xonclock is deprecated

xonclock is officially deprecated for now. Please use Cairo-Clock or something like that. Thanks a huge for all xonclock users. And sorry for that.

Posted by cyrill_grk 2008-06-28

xonclock- released

Fixed ignorance of time-zone customization (thru --tz-hour --tz-min options).

Posted by cyrill_grk 2007-09-16

xonclock- released

+ More intelligent reading of tiff skins. + A few additional skins were added. + Added option "alpha-threshold" to more elegant handling the image with alpha channel over XShape extension. + Fixed resolving the '~' sign at --skin option argument.

Posted by cyrill_grk 2007-08-11

xonclock- released

Added ability to customize time-zone settings.

Posted by cyrill_grk 2007-04-01

xonclock- released

The program may hang because of inappropriate signal handling. Fixed.

Posted by cyrill_grk 2007-03-09

xonclock- released

It's a small fix release. The program was not able to deal with 16-bit depth display properly.

Posted by cyrill_grk 2007-03-02

xonclock- released

It's a small enhancement release:
- Removed useless remerging of clock skin with root window background on single mouse click (affected on clock skins with alpha channel and if xonclock was started with --use-background option).
- Added two new skins chrome-128.png and chrome-260.png. They are taken from http://www.kde-look.org

Posted by cyrill_grk 2007-01-03

xonclock- released

The program tried to load TIFF files as PNG files. Fixed. Configuration file may be not found if the HOME env variable was ended by '/' symbol. Fixed. Added handling of a skin path started with '~'. Added ability to handle skins with alpha channel by using new '--use-background' option.

Posted by cyrill_grk 2006-12-18

xonclock- released

Removed dependency on Imlib2 library. Imlib2 was being memory glutton in working with internal clock skin. Now xonclock tries to handle clock images by own. configure script cleanup.

Posted by cyrill_grk 2006-12-10

Imlib2 memory glutton

Please convert internal xonclock.xpm skin to PNG format and use it instead. I found that Imlib2 may occupy a HUGE of memory while handling with XPM files. I'm working on new xonclock version that will not use Imlib2. Sorry.

Posted by cyrill_grk 2006-12-06


The program could be unable to find ~/.xonclockrc file. Fixed. Thanks to David Andrs!

Posted by cyrill_grk 2006-10-06

xonclock- released

There was a little bug in release. The program didn't care about a few options in config file. So it's just fixed.

Posted by cyrill_grk 2006-09-21

xonclock- released

The program may read $(HOME)/.xonclockrc file instead of command-line options.

Posted by cyrill_grk 2006-09-20

xonclock- released

The program is rewritten to be used with Imlib2 library. So xonclock may work even XWindows Composite extension is enabled.

Posted by cyrill_grk 2006-06-29

xonclock- problem

I found that xonclock become unable to render clock skins with Composite XWindow externsion enabled. I don't know probably the problem is raising on my machine only. I'll investigate it.

Posted by cyrill_grk 2006-06-26

xonclock- released

Added ability to move the clock.

Posted by cyrill_grk 2006-03-11

xonclock- released

Now the time and date may be copied into X clipboard
(tested under KDE 3.4.1 with KWrite and KEdit). No multilanguage support for a while.

Posted by cyrill_grk 2005-12-13

xonclock- released

It's a minor fix. Now the date string is really shown with leading zeros.

Posted by cyrill_grk 2005-12-01

xonclock- released

There are a lot of changes with small enhancements ;).

Posted by cyrill_grk 2005-11-30

xonclock-0.0.7 released

The program register Xonclock/xonclock WM_CLASS window property so windows manager may capture the creation of xonclock window and do (or do not) something. Thanks to Gabor Z. Papp.

Posted by cyrill_grk 2005-10-08

xonclock-0.0.6 released

There is small enhancements in the release. Enjoy!

Posted by cyrill_grk 2005-09-17

xonclock-0.0.5 released

it's small bugfix release

Posted by cyrill_grk 2005-05-29

xonclock-0.0.4 released

I've just relesed xonclock-0.0.4. It have a small enhancement -
by setting clock hands coordinates. Now I'm planning to rewrite whole program to simplify its code.

Posted by cyrill_grk 2005-05-29


xonclock-0.0.3 released. Update your program instances please.

Posted by cyrill_grk 2005-05-22


xonclock-0.0.2 released

Posted by cyrill_grk 2005-05-21

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