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Waiting for reopening

The access to the projects web directory is blocked since last Thursday. The next update roles out when the access is granted again. (...)

Posted by Rouven Volk 2011-01-31

Prepare for part two

Few weeks ago, i announced the current work on version two and requested some help for alpha testing. First of all, i like to thank you so much for the great feedback and responses to my help request.

I started the work on a new version of my software, since i realized some architectural issues with the public debugger version known as xn.debug beta 1.3. The whole basic implementation of the __debug() function in PHP was reworked to increase the performance and to get more realistic usage statistics. The new version will be written more consistently and much easier to extend with new features. ... read more

Posted by Rouven Volk 2011-01-12

xn.debug bugfix release beta 1.3.1

A new release is available, the source view intend the code correctly with tabs now and use the integrated PHP highlighter if the file isn't to big. Another fix solve the redundant cookie writing.

Looking forward to hear more feedback from you!

PS: I'm working on a new interface and core optimizations, so i will need some volunteers for a alpha version in january 2011! Send me a message if you are interested!

Posted by Rouven Volk 2010-12-13

xn.debug is released as beta 1.3

I decided to extend the error handler with a new feature, since the last releases consists only of patches. The newly supported error constant E_DEPRECATED of PHP 5 let me realize that the error handler displays many errors of the same kind, when a error were called in a loop. This brought me the idea to group repeating errors together by identifying them by position, typ and message. This saves a lot of performance and size, because only the occurrence counter is raised up when the error is triggered again, e.g. "E_WARNING [10]: Error in..." shows 10 occurrences.... read more

Posted by Rouven Volk 2010-09-26

Improved compatibility

The first three weeks are gone and the debugger was downloaded over 34 times. I was very impressed by the feedback of the users. The first task in the project tracker (https://sourceforge.net/tracker/?group_id=311535) was also the first patch to this work. We improved the compatibility of this project together, by implementing the support of "short_open_tag = Off" (recommended PHP setting to avoid conflicts with XML files). Many thanks at this point!... read more

Posted by Rouven Volk 2010-09-07

xn.debug goes public

The xn.debug project started five years ago and was released as an free Open Source project today. This tool is currently in a public beta state and will be developed continuously. It was developed to solve common problems in the software development process and to assist the developer with useful information's.

You could find some more stuff from behind the scenes on the project page in the history section:... read more

Posted by Rouven Volk 2010-08-20