#7 uninitialized value XSLT.pm line 363


while running ../xslt-parser test from the examples directory, I am getting the error Use of
uninitialized value at /usr/lib/perl5/site_perl/5.005/XML/XSLT.pm line 363. I have been looking at
the results and I can tell that there is a great deal missing from my expected results.

I ran a "make test" when I installed the software, and there were no errors. I suspect that it may
have to do with my installation of the

I keep getting the error:
t/dom_attr..........Can't locate object method "equals" via package "XML::Parser::ContentModel" at
CmpDOM.pm line 179.

When I "make test " on the libxml-enno-1.02

I have been looking for a solution to that problem, and have been unsuccessful. I found some
advice that said you can ignore it, but I am not so sure.

Is this problem related, or do I have a completely different different problem with the XSLT

Any help would be appreciated.



  • Jonathan Stowe

    Jonathan Stowe - 2001-12-17
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  • Jonathan Stowe

    Jonathan Stowe - 2001-12-19
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  • Jonathan Stowe

    Jonathan Stowe - 2001-12-19

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    Are you still experiencing this problem ? If so could you mail me an
    example piece of XML and the associate XSLT that is provoking the
    warning so I can try to reproduce it ?


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