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XMLVM Tutorial

XMLVM now features a comprehensive tutorial for iOS and Android development: http://xmlvm.org/tutorial/

Posted by Arno Puder 2011-08-10

OSCON 2011

XMLVM will be featured at OSCON: http://goo.gl/3lubf

Posted by Arno Puder 2011-06-02

XMLVM presentation at the Microsoft Software

Arno will talk about XMLVM at the Microsoft Software Summit 2011. For details see http://research.microsoft.com/en-us/um/cambridge/events/ss2011/

Posted by Arno Puder 2011-02-03

XMLVM featured at SAP TechEd

Arno will feature XMLVM at SAP's TechEd conference in Las Vegas on 10/17.

Posted by Arno Puder 2010-10-09

Apple changes Developer Program License

Very good news come out of Cupertino today: Apple relaxed their infamous section 3.3.1, allowing other development tools back into the AppStore. Read Apple's statement at http://xmlvm.org/r/?url=@apple1 and follow our discussion on the mailing list at http://xmlvm.org/r/?url=@ml1

Posted by Sascha Häberling 2010-09-09

Mobile Times 2010

Wolfgang Korn will present XMLVM on September 2nd in Düsseldorf. More info at http://xmlvm.org/r/?url=@mtimes2

Posted by Sascha Häberling 2010-08-14

OSCON 2010

Arno will be giving a talk at OSCON this year. Join him on July 22nd at 11.30am: http://xmlvm.org/r/?url=@oscon10

Posted by Sascha Häberling 2010-07-10

XMLVM TechTalk

Check out our latest Google TechTalk: http://xmlvm.org/r/?url=@techtalk

Posted by Sascha Häberling 2010-03-17

XMLVM at Mathema

Wolfgang is showing XMLVM at the MATHEMA Mobile Developer Day in Erlangen on March 18th. For details about his presentation see: http://xmlvm.org/r/?url=@mathema

Posted by Sascha Häberling 2010-03-01

XMLVM at Mobile Times

Wolfgang will be presenting XMLVM at the Mobile Times in Dusseldorf, Germany. Come and meet if you are in the area! http://xmlvm.org/r/?url=@mtimes

Posted by Sascha Häberling 2010-01-25

XMLVM App in AppStore

Our very own cross-compiled Xokoban has been accepted by Apple and is now available in the AppStore. Read the full story: http://xmlvm.org/r/?url=@ixokoban

Posted by Sascha Häberling 2009-12-10

XMLVM in JavaSpektrum

XMLVM will be featured in the November edition of the German magazine to be released November 20th. Read the online version now at http://xmlvm.org/r/?url=@jspektrum

Posted by Sascha Häberling 2009-11-14

First corporate sponsor

blueCarat AG becomes XMLVM's first corporate sponsor. http://xmlvm.org/r/?url=@bluecarat

Posted by Sascha Häberling 2009-10-02

XMLVM in Linux Magazine

Frank Ableson at the Linux Magazine has written a great article about XMLVM which we think is worth to check out at http://www.linux-mag.com/cache/7408/1.html .

Posted by Sascha Häberling 2009-07-08

Website Updates

Our homepage got a few important updates and clean-ups. As you can see we now have a news section on the front-page. The Android-to-iPhone section (http://xmlvm.org/android/) has also been updated. Last but not least make sure to checkout our new showcases here: http://xmlvm.org/showcase

Posted by Sascha Häberling 2009-07-08

Mailing List Available

In order to streamline the conversation with our community, we've created the xmlvm-users mailing list. To subscribe, visit our contact page to find a link. Ask questions, make comments and join the conversation!

Posted by Sascha Häberling 2009-07-07

Xokoban coming soon

We are working hard on our second big Android to iPhone demo called Xokoban. We will release it in parallel on the Android Market and iTunes AppStore. Stay tuned.

Posted by Sascha Häberling 2009-06-18