#173 EPG grab_be (dutch) Teveblad crashes (max 2 days)

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Hi, as this is my first post overhere I hope I'm doing things correctly. I've been using XMLTV for about more than a year and have enjoyed the results very much till now. Besides some problems due to PC hardware upgrades the program always worked fine on my GBPVR mediacenter setup. As from this week however I have each day an error when trying to grab the Teveblad EPG when trying to load more than 2 days. I'm not sure whether there is problem during XML EPG grabbing or if the website has made some changes to limit the number of days we can grab. You can visually see when XMLTV is quiting the grabbing because during the TV channel listing it suddenly quits the program at a certain point (PS: it quits to quick to exactly see at which point and which channel but it happens most when trying to grab more than 2 days).

I've upgraded to XMLTV 0.5.52 but the problem remains.
I use the following command line in a batch file:xmltv tv_grab_be --output tvblad.xml --offset -1 --days 8
After validation using XMLTV tv_validate_file --dtd xmltv.dtd tvblad.xml > CHKXML_TVBLAD.TXT the following error is listed: The file is not well-formed xml:
tvblad.xml:4: parser error : Premature end of data in tag tv line 4
ator-info-name="XMLTV" generator-info-url="http://membled.com/work/apps/xmltv/">
at /PerlApp/XMLTV/ValidateFile.pm line 150

The file did not validate as well-formed XML, so no further
processing was performed.

Does anyone has an idea how to troubleshoot this problem and or whether it is a temporary problem due to a website EPG coding error or not?


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    PS: It's a real problem in the WDR EGP listing on 01/08/2008 as I made a new XMLTV config file leaving out the channel WDR and the problem dissapeared. This does not prevent XMLTV to encounter the same problem on any channel EPG grabbing for the future so it would be welcome if this type of quiting could be avoided. I hope someone of the developpers has time to look at it in detail before the EPG error dissapears when the WDR EPG is updated by new code from Teveblad for new days to come. Ciao, B.V.

  • Nick Morrott

    Nick Morrott - 2010-03-10

    tv_grab_be is no longer part of the XMLTV project

  • Nick Morrott

    Nick Morrott - 2010-03-10
    • status: open --> closed

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