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Efficient scripting - Balisage 2009

Efficient scripting - Balisage 2009

David Lee, Epocrates; Norman Walsh, Mark Logic

Balisage 2009 At the International Symposium on Processing XML Efficiently
Monday, August 10, 2009
Montreal, Canada

The efficiency and performance of individual XML operations such as parsing, processing (XSLT, XQuery) and serialization, and the merits of different in-memory document representations, have been widely discussed. However, real world uses cases often involve many operations orchestrated using a scripting environment. The performance of the scripting environment can often overshadow any performance gains in individual operations. In an exploration of real world scripting, we compare performance of several scripting languages and techniques on a set of typical XML operations such as generation of a table of contents and conditionally accessing non-XML files identified in XML documents. Based on performance results, we suggest best practices for scripting XML processes. Scripting languages compared include DOS Shell (CMD.EXE), Linux Shell (bash), XMLSH, and XProc (calabash). These are run (where possible) on multiple operating systems: Windows XP, Linux, and Mac/OS... read more

Posted by David Lee 2009-05-26

Calabash xproc extension module

An extension module supporting the calabash xproc processor has been checked into svn and a new project "calabash_ext" is now available for download

Posted by David Lee 2009-04-26

marklogic extension

I have created an extension module for xmlsh which supports basic operations to a MarkLogic server. Checked in to svn as well as available as a release package under downloads.

Posted by David Lee 2009-04-09

xproc2xmlsh - initial code checked in

An initial preview source code snapshot of xproc2xmlsh, an XPROC to xmlsh converter, has been checked in to SVN. This is not yet released as a package because it is very preliminary and not near complete.

Posted by David Lee 2009-01-08


XMLSH now has a blog at http://blog.xmlsh.org

Posted by David Lee 2009-01-03

xproc support

The next major development planned in xmlsh is support for xproc. In prepration for beta release, xmlsh internals, features and possibly syntax changes are being made to be able to support a translator from xproc to xmlsh.

Posted by David Lee 2008-11-22

xmlsh Alpha release

xmlsh has been released as alpha status version (updated from pre-alpha). There is a branch in svn to snapshot the alpha release.

Posted by David Lee 2008-11-22

xmlsh Presented at Balisage 2008

A paper on xmlsh was presented by David Lee, on August 13, 2008. A copy of the presentation is available at http://xmlsh.sourceforge.net

Posted by David Lee 2008-10-09

Released on Sourceforge

Sourceforge project created 5/19/2008.
Released Pre-alpha version

Posted by David Lee 2008-05-20

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