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xmlrpc-epi 0.52

xmlrpc-epi 0.52 has just been released. This is mostly a maintenance release to bring the build environment upto date and fix gcc 4.1 and portability issues. It also introduces the possibility to use shared libxml2 or libexpat as the xmlparser.

Hopefully this will fix all the build issues that we were seeing. Any problems, let me know

I have also changed the mailing list to must subscribe and confirm to cut the spam out and there has not been any spam posts since that date so hopefully that may be usable again. ... read more

Posted by Robin Cornelius 2008-04-02

We are not dead!

Just a note that xmlrpc-epi is not dead and is undergoing a revival at this very moment. The cvs is currently *very* volatile as we fix all the gcc 4.x warnings (some of which are portability issues) and modernise the autotools build.

Current cvs can build against a system wide shared libexpat OR a libxml2 (as well as its own private libexpat, as before) and this is selectable via configure options. ... read more

Posted by Robin Cornelius 2008-03-26

XMLRPC-EPI Release 0.50

New packages are available containing the _experimental_ SOAP support.

From an application API standpoint, almost nothing has changed. However, your app can now read/write some SOAP documents in addition to xml-rpc.

misc other bug fixes and additions. See Changelog and NEWS for details.

Posted by Dan Libby 2001-10-01

XMLRPC-EPI Gains SOAP Support!

I have checked in preliminary soap support. It is implemented as just another serialization layer, thus the core application layer does not change, except for the addition of a new serialization type. This means that you can have a single server built using xmlrpc-epi with a single api, that can process both xmlrpc and soap requests without the application knowing or caring.

I have tested its interop agains the SOAPpy (python) implemenation, which includes a very nice test suite. It passes 19 of 21 tests, and the two it fails are pretty lame: eg nan != NaN, and return(NULL) != return; More notes are in xml_to_soap.c.... read more

Posted by Dan Libby 2001-09-18

New Release of both C and PHP libraries

changes to base library:
- modified xmlrpc serialization code such that an extra array is no longer required when returning
vector data. Note that this has a small potential to break some existing apps, but it is
"the right thing".
- standard fault codes
- re-wrote introspection API. Now we use a smaller API and support describing methods via a
simple xml vocabulary. This moves the model closer to javadoc, doc++, etc. Further, as a
performance feature, we now support introspection callbacks so that nothing is generated until
documentation is actually requested via one of the system.* methods.
- fixed various samples that were written before the xml-rpc integration and were leading people astray.
- added new API: XMLRPC_VectorRemoveValue()
- added new API: XMLRPC_Free()
- new/updated system methods:
- system.getCapabilities()
- system.multiCall ()
- system.describeMethods ()... read more

Posted by Dan Libby 2001-05-20

Introspection Spec / API Evolving

Eric Kidd and Charles Cook from the yahoo xml-rpc list are also interested in improving introspection facilities. We are now working together to come up with a standard spec. So play with the introspection in the current build if you like, and send me comments, but also fully expect the API to change.

Posted by Dan Libby 2001-04-23

Introspection support added

Version 0.30 of the C library now supports the 3 standard introspection methods, and has experimental support for a more detailed method, documented at http://xmlrpc-epi.sourceforge.net/main.php?t=system.describeMethods.php.

Version 0.25 of the php extension fixes a bug that kept introspection from working with the extension.

Posted by Dan Libby 2001-04-17

Good News, I got laid off

Epinions.com has laid off another 1/3 of its workforce or so, including yours truly. This means I get to work on xmlrpc-epi almost full time until I am again gainfully employed.

Posted by Dan Libby 2001-04-12

php extension released!

A php C extension for accessing the xmlrpc-epi library is now available. It enables one to quickly create an xmlrpc client or server and includes documentation and several examples. The API is quite simple since xmlrpc types are internally converted to/from native php types on the fly.

Posted by Dan Libby 2001-04-06

First Public Release!

After several months of waiting for the lawyer(s), I've gotten the go ahead to release this puppy. Please download, build, check out the sample programs, and send a note to the mailing list with your experience and feedback!

Posted by Dan Libby 2001-03-20