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Eclipse XML Security Tools Update

Relocation of the XML-Security Plug-In into the Eclipse Web Tools Platform Incubator project (see http://www.eclipse.org/webtools/incubator\) is making progress.

And the XML-Security Plug-In project here on SourceForge? The project will be deleted, since all sources will be available in the Eclipse repository. The XML Security home page on http://www.xml-sicherheit.de will be continued, including all tutorials and other XML Security related content.

Posted by Dominik Schadow 2008-10-29

Eclipse XML Security Tools

The XML-Security Plug-In will become a part of the Eclipse Web Tools Platform (WTP) - http://www.eclipse.org/webtools/incubator! The official name is now XML Security Tools, the namespace de.xmlsicherheit becomes org.eclipse.wst.xml.security. All code in my repository has already been updated.

Read the proposal at http://wiki.eclipse.org/XML_Security_Tools_Proposal

Posted by Dominik Schadow 2008-09-17

XML-Security Plug-In 1.6.1 released

The XML-Security Plug-In version 1.6.1 for Eclipse 3.2 and above is available. This is the first release with included source code.

Posted by Dominik Schadow 2006-10-03