2 problems...

  • sebastien masson


    First of all your project looks great. I am very interested but unfortunately I had 2 problems when trying to use it.

    1) it seems the tar file you provide (xml-fortran-0.94.tar.gz) does not contain the latest versions of your files available in your CVS depository.
    2) So I downloaded everything with CVS. I had no problems to compile your source code with g95. Next I tried the xmlreader program with some of your examples. It works nicely for readint but, for grid and menu, I had the following error:
    Errors found in the definition - please check!

    there is the command I used:
    $ echo grid > xmlreader.inp
    $ ../src/xmlreader
    Errors found in the definition - please check!

    there is the header of grid.f90 I got:

    module xml_data_grid
       use XMLPARSE
       implicit none
       integer, private :: lurep_
       logical, private :: strict_
       integer                                         :: A
       integer                                         :: B
       integer                                         :: C

    type grid_t
    end type grid_t
    subroutine init_xml_file_grid
       A = 12
    end subroutine

    As you can see grid_t is not correctly defined and grid and grid_array variables are not defined.
    Did I miss something on the way to use your programs?
    Thank you for your help,


    • Arjen Markus

      Arjen Markus - 2007-06-06


      I missed this posting - so I am very late in reacting, I am afraid.

      Are you still having problems? I think this was fixed since january.




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