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XLIL v1.0 - Xlink Linux Installer & Launcher public release

For about 2 months of developing, XLIL v1.0 is now finished.
XLIL - Xlink Linux Installer and Launcher. Like the name says it's a GUI application to the well known Xlink Kai tunnel software running on Linux.
My intention was to publish a distro independant application, easy to use and install. The software is programmed in Python using pyQt and can run on both KDE and Gnome.
Many guys asked for this software, cause running xlink kaid linux from the command line is too geek for some folks.
Please visit our site for more details:
http://xlil.sf.net... read more

Posted by Nuno Justo 2005-09-20

Official news

All official News will be posted on TeamXlink forum > Linux > XLIL

Posted by Nuno Justo 2005-08-12